Storage Wars Edwina Registre Net Worth, Husband, Married, Age, Wiki, Biography.

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Edwina Registre is an American reality TV personality. She has become popular from her appearance in the A&E (TV Channel), “Storage Wars” show. The star was a music lover and participant while she was young. It is this love for music which made her meet her close friend, and now a business partner Shaha Dahan. … Read more

Emily Wears Net Worth, Husband, Married, Wiki-bio

Emily Wears is a young auctioneer who has taken her career more seriously than anyone would fathom. Emily wears many hearts; she is an accomplished musician, singer, and leatherworker. Emily was not a well-known auctioneer until she appeared in the A&E Network hit reality series, Storage Wars. She stands out as this young auctioneer control of … Read more

“Storage Wars” Brandi Passante Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio.

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Loves cooking and has a phobia for escalators, is an unusual description. Strangely enough, this is how you can describe Brandi Passante. Anything to do with the actress invokes the memories of “Storage Wars” in your mind. She is loud and noticeable when casting the A&E (TV Channel)’s show. The reality star was not a popular … Read more

“Storage Wars” Dave Hester Net Worth, Wife Donna Hester, Wiki, Bio.

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Dave Hester is strict when it comes to his business of storage buying and professional auctioneering. He is a famous TV personality, who was made famous by the popular A&E (TV Channel)’s, “Storage Wars.” The man is known for his pushy, aggressive, ambitious and suspicious character, as he deals with his fellow castors in “Storage … Read more

Barry Weiss from “Storage Wars” Net Worth, Cars, Wife, Wiki.

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Barry Weiss is a renowned businessman, and reality shows personality. At his age, Barry has achieved so much, many of his age mates haven’t achieved in their lifetime. He was well known even before he joined A&E (TV Channel)’s, “Storage Wars.” However, he wasn’t famous yet, until he showed up at the show. He is … Read more