Where Is Adam Weir from ‘Renovation Island’? Did He Leave?

Adam Weir from 'Renovation Island'

If you’ve been watching Renovation Island from the start, you may have noticed someone missing from season three. After all, where is Adam Weir? As a refresher, Adam had long been Bryan Baeumler’s project manager. In episode two of season three, however, it’s revealed that he’s no longer going to be part of the show — but the family has … Read more

Jimmy Hayes Wife Kristen Valente and Kids. Net Worth.

A professional ice hockey player, Jimmy Hayes

Jimmy Hayes was a professional ice hockey player from America. The athlete passed away on 23 Aug 2021 in Massachusetts at the age of 31. Hayes debuted in the National Hockey league in 2008 with the Toronto Maple leaves. In 2019, Hayes played his last professional Hockey match for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Since then, he … Read more

Michael Pyle from “Gotham Garage” Net Worth, Wiki biography.

A car enthusiast and restoration consultant, Michael Pyle

Michael Pyle is a car enthusiast and restoration consultant who works for Gotham Garage. This is an establishment that was set up by an expert mechanic, Mark Towle. Pyle frequently works alongside other talented mechanics such as Constance Nunes and Shawn Pilot. Together, Michael and the rest of the crew track down vintage cars with … Read more

Gotham Garage Cast Members, Their Net Worth, Location

Gotham Garage Crew Members, their Net Worth, Location

Gotham Garage is a California-based automotive restoration and customization garage around which the Netflix reality series “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” revolves. The show debuted in September 2018 and premiered its third and most recent season on August 4, 2021. Read this to know Gotham Garage cast and it’s location. Gotham Garage Wikipedia Gotham Garage … Read more