Mike Whiteside From “Salvage Dawgs” Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Wiki, And Biography

Mike Whiteside is an American reality television personality and co-owner of the television program, Salvage Dawgs. He co-founded the show with his partner, Robert Kulp, who sees cash while others see landfill-destined trash. The duo has turned their passion for well-worn objects turned into a beautiful business. This article reveals Mike Whiteside’s net worth Everyone … Read more

“Salvage Dawgs” Cast Grayson Goldsmith Spouse, Relationship, Wiki Biography.

Image of Salvage Dawgs Cast Grayson Goldsmith Spouse, Relationship, Wiki Biography.

Grayson Goldsmith is a television personality and an integral part of Black Dog Salvage Crew. She became popular after she was brought on to the DIY network series, Salvage Dawgs. Continue to explore about Grayson Goldsmith’s Spouse and Relationship with Tay Whiteside. On the show, Grayson appears alongside the likes of Mike Whiteside and Robert … Read more

Lenedra Carroll: Wikipedia Bio of Atz Kilcher’s First Wife.

Image of Lenedra Caroll Bio, Net Worth, Marriage, Children, & Career Highlights

If you watched American discovery series “Alaska; The Last Frontier,” then you probably know about Lenedra Carroll too as an ex-wife to Atz Kilcher, the main cast of the series. If not, you might recognize her as soon as you hear the word ‘versatile.’ Lenedra is a singer, teacher, public speaker, author, and an accomplished … Read more

Is Robert Kulp Married To Wife? His Daughters, And Illness.

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Robert Kulp is a television personality, visionary, and co-founder of a salvage business named Black Dog Salvage based in Roanoke, Virginia. This article is about Robert Kulp’s Daughters, his wife and bio. He, however, is also famous as Mike Whiteside’s partner. Together, Robert and Mike teamed up and formed the premise of the reality television … Read more

“Storage Wars” Mary Padian Net Worth. Is Mary Padian Married?

Mary Padian is a well-known reality TV personality who has appeared in the popular A&E (TV Channel), “Storage Wars.” She is also a photojournalist and worked in a magazine company before she took up treasure hunting. In addition, the treasure hunter also started an online business, Mary’s Finds. This is where she sells some of … Read more