Jared Zimmerman from “Car Fix” Net Worth, Age, Wife, and Wiki-bio

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Velocity TV’s Car Fix is currently the only place that showcases Jared Zimmerman’s talents in fixing and building automobiles. Together with his co-host Lou Santiago, they embark on different car restoration projects ranging from classic muscle cars to modern-day automobiles. What sets apart Car Fix from the plethora of other car-related reality shows is the … Read more

Cristy Lee from “Garage Squad” Net Worth, Husband, Age, Death, Wiki, Bio.

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Cristy Lee is a certified auto diva and the co-host for MotorTrend’s All Girl’s Garage. She also doubles up as the co-host for Garage Squad, taking up after former host, Heather Storm, in season 6. During her spare time, you can find Lee driving her motorcycle on racetracks, autocross events, and performance driving schools. However, … Read more

Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney Dating? or Is She Married?

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Parker Schnabel is a 25-year-old gold miner and adventure enthusiast from Haines, Alaska. He stars on the reality series ‘Gold Rush.’ It is on this stage that his friendship with Tyler Mahoney blossomed. Like Parker, Tyler is also a gold miner by profession. Her love for gold dates back to her childhood days when her … Read more

Fred Lewis “Gold rush” wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio.

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Fred Lewis is a gold miner, adventure enthusiast and television personality. He joined Parker and Sam’s team slightly under a year ago and has been a revelation ever since. Fred’s credentials include certification as a Green Beret medic. It has made him adapt to some of the harshest environments imaginable. He also served in the … Read more

Is Marnie Oursler still married to husband Dave Canning? Her gay rumors and wiki bio.

Marnie Oursler is an entrepreneur, reality personality, and builder. She applies her trade on the DIY network where her show is aired. Marnie additionally manages ‘Marnie Custom Homes, ’ which is a building company. Her organization builds homes for people who hire them. Marnie’s prestigious career has seen her collect a plethora of accolades. Back … Read more

Meet All Duane Chapman Children.

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Duane Chapman is an American actor, reality television personality, and a certified criminal hunter. He has appeared in films such as Sharknado 4. He is perhaps most recognized for his work on the reality series, ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter.’ Alongside his family, Duane has tracked down and hunted several well-known and wanted fugitives. Duane Chapman … Read more