Cory Miller On Good Bones: Biography and Facts.

Cory Miller is a rising Indianapolis, Indiana based project manager who is currently associated with Good Bones on HGTV. He is also the project manager at Two Chicks and a Hammer Inc. He claims himself to be eating, breathing, and sleep constructing. Cory currently came into the headlines after appearing in Good Bones.

As per LinkedIn, Cory started his professional career in August 2012, working as a project manager for Awning Partners Sign Group. He worked for the company for nearly two years (exactly one year and 11 months).

In June of 2014, Cory joined AI Innovations in the position of account manager. Corey Miller on Good Bones worked for over two years and left the company in September 2016 to join Two Chicks and a Hammer Inc. as its project manager of construction. Now, he is also a television personality appearing in Good Bones.

Cory Miller On Good Bones.

Heroic look and excellent working skills have made Cory soon popular among his co-stars. Cory’s co-star Mina Starsiak says that many things fancy about him like his hair and distressed denim. He feels like hugging.

Image of Cory Miller from the TV reality show, Good Bones
Cory Miller from the TV reality show, Good Bones

Mina also said that he is not just a project manager but also her childhood friend. They call him Toe-y, not Cory. As Cory hates working, Mina gets upset often.

Cory’s pals claim him as the transition of a pretty boy to a dirty boy to crazy boy Cory.

Cory Miller’s Personal Life; Is He Dating Girlfriend?

As Cory has recently made into the headlines, there is very little information about him. He has neither made any headlines nor appeared in any interviews opening up about his private life and professional career. One thing we can be pretty sure of is he is a fun-loving person.

There are no headlines of Corey Miller from Good Bones dating life, but his Instagram seems to have a whole different story. The handsome hunk is already taken and is currently dating a girl named Shelby Lynn Wade. On 10th February, Shelby confirmed that they are dating.

Image of Cory Miller is currently dating with her girlfreind Shelby Lynn Wade
Cory Miller is currently dating with her girlfriend Shelby Lynn Wade

The pair seems happy and comfortable with each other. However, it is still not confirmed whether they are married or engaged or still dating.

Cory Miller on Good Bones shares a close bond with his pals and co-stars as he often posts pictures with Thadeus Starsiak, Karen E Laine, Mina Starsiak Hawk, Michael Jeffrey, Jasmine Roth, Drew Scott, and others.

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