Restored By The Fords Wiki, Cast, Cancelled or Renewed 2020.

Restored by the Fords aired on HGTV has gained so much popularity in the recent years. This is mainly because of the perfect work done by the siblings, Steve and Leanne. Get to know more about Restored by the Fords Wiki and it’s Cast. Know if Restored By The Fords Renewed or Cancelled.

Restored by the Fords Wiki.

Restored by the Fords is a reality Television show that documents the activities of Leanne Ford and her brother Steve Ford as they work together to completely makeover old homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Leanne Ford brings new ideas to the table as Steve Ford puts his carpentry skills into practice to make sure every idea is achieved. The siblings are surely a perfect example of a good brother and sister relationship.

They enjoy working together so much. The series premiered on 13th December 2016. Its second season kicked off on March 19, 2019, and ended on May 7, 2019. The show is aired on HGTV, Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm. Over time, the show has achieved numerous fans. Restored By The Fords Wiki Page Do not yet exist.

Restored by the Fords cast.

HGTV Restored by The Fords cast is simply a brother, sister duo, Steve Ford, and Leanne Ford. The two have been best friends since childhood days. Steve Ford puts his handyman skills into practice to give life to Leanne Ford’s ideas.

Restored By The Fords Cast Steve Ford Wiki Bio.

Steve Ford was born in Pennsylvania, United States of America. Restored by The Fords Cast Steve Ford has gained fame over the years for featuring on Restored by the Fords.

Steve’s birthdate is not yet known, but given that his younger sister Leanne is now 38 years old, we can guess that he is in his 40s. Looking at his personal life, Steve his currently a bachelor.

Image of Restored by the Fords cast Steve Ford
Restored by the Fords cast Steve Ford

Prior to joining the lonely singlehood life, he had dated a girl named Sara in 2018. Things did not work out well, so they ended up parting ways mysteriously. He now resides alone in a self-designed Bachelor Pad in Downtown Pittsburgh.

The luxurious pad bears an inbuilt stocked bar since he is a huge fan of liquor. During free hours, Steve enjoys sports like Skiing and snowboarding. In addition, he is a businessman. He is the owner of a clothing line known as ‘Decade.’

Besides that, he offers private wake surfing lessons at a fee. All these ventures plus a contraction career as having made Steve’s net worth read at $2 million as of 2019.

Restored By The Fords Cast Leanne Ford Wiki, Biography.

Leanne Ford was born on 29th June 1981 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That makes her 38 years old as of 2019. She grew up with her two siblings, Michelle Ford and Steve Ford.

Since childhood, Leanne always had a passion for transforming old houses into modern homes. She was always rearranging the furniture in her room. Initially, Leanne worked as a creative director and fashion stylist before venturing into interior design.

After renovating a 1907 school into a beautiful home, she gained much public attention. Leanne had the hope that several contractors and carpenters would team up with her to restore old homes.

Unfortunately, none of them agreed because the idea did not seem profitable to them at the moment. Her brother, who is a contractor and carpenter, agreed to team up with her.

Image of Restored by the Fords cast Leanne Ford
Restored by the Fords cast Leanne Ford

Luckily, Leanne’s renovation work was featured in County living magazines. This opened up ways for her as she was called up to design several projects in the neighborhood. In 2016, Leanne and her brother were requested by HGTV to host the show ‘Restored by the Fords’.

Leanne has appeared on other shows like Building Brady, Brother vs. Brother. Her restoration works have featured in publications like Domino, Elle Decor, Arch digest, and Living.

Looking at her personal life, Leanne is a happily married woman. She first got married to Brad Schaffer on 3rd July 2010.

After discovering that they were not a perfect match, they parted ways. Leanne got married to Erik Allen on November 12, 2017. Together they have one kid, Ever Allen Ford, who is two years old.

Restored by the Fords Cancelled?

If you have heard any rumors about Restored by the Fords being canceled, the rumors are not true. HGTV has not announced anything about the show being canceled or renewed. For now, it would be better to wait for official information regarding the show to be communicated by HGTV.

Where is Restored by the Fords filmed? Know about its location.

Restored by the Fords is filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Restored by the Fords Season 1.

HGTV Restored by the  Season 1 premiered on December 13, 2016, and ended on February 20, 2018. It is made up of 9 episodes.

The season began with Leanne and Steve Ford trying to renovate an out of date house in Pittsburgh with the hope of making it have a modern look for a family of three people.

After successfully completing the restoration, their other task was to create more space for a young couple and their two children by changing the floor plan to achieve more space.

Later on, in Restored By the Fords Season 1, they updated the first floor of a Victorian house built in 1885, creating a blend of traditional and modern style. They also created a custom bar from old cabinets.

After that, Leanne Ford and Steve Ford worked on a midcentury home that has been unoccupied for ten years, giving it a brighter look. Their next task was to construct a modern farmhouse that would act as a home for a future design, which they successfully completed.

Two music enthusiasts who needed a circle ceiling space for dancing and listening to live music finally got it all done, courtesy of Steve Ford and Leanne Ford. In the seventh episode of the season, the Fords had the duty to make over a client’s childhood home.

They did so by creating a modern look and preserving its original look at the same time, giving the Bungalow a California style. In the eighth episode, the Fords went back to the Midcentury home unoccupied for ten years with a tight budget of $30,000 and completely restored it.

The season ended with the duo rebuilding the first floor of an old Victorian row house to create an elegant street style.

Restored by the Fords Season 2.

Restored by the Fords season, two kicked off on March 19, 2019, and ended on May 7, 2019. It ran for 16 episodes. In the episode premiere of the season, the Fords restored a classic craftsman into a cool space settlable by a couple. , they were hired to makeover an art lover’s quarters into an art gallery room.

They managed to install wood floors in the entire room and also restored the kitchen into a modern one. Another task was to restore the first floor of a Victorian home built in the late 1800s by a ship’s captain.

They restored the house by creating a blend between modern design and the captain’s style to fit a modern family. In the season’s fourth episode, the Fords were hired by homeowners to come up with a modern kitchen in their 1880s Victorian home.

They worked through dangerous live wires and improperly supported ceilings, not forgetting sloping floors to achieve a beautiful finish. The next episode was about transforming a classic craftsman for a couple, which they fortunately did.

Once again, they were hired by another art lover to change his old quarters into an art gallery room. In the 7th episode of the season, the Fords utilized the power of paint to add a modern look to a midcentury modern home for a then newly engaged couple.

Acting like good friends, the work then worked on their friend’s 1970s home in the eighth episode, renovating it into a Ski Lodge. Later on, they transformed a Spanish villa-style home to make the living room brighter.

In addition, in Restored By The Fords season 2, they transform the home’s staircase into a visual art piece. The duo was then hired by glass artists to transform their 1990s home. Interestingly, the Fords were called upon by a couple to renovate their 1920s native home.

Leanne and Steve renovated the home, maintaining the fantastic bones, beautiful woodwork, and windows. , they worked on Leanne’s dream renovation, which is a Storybook cottage guesthouse.

They concentrated on the kitchen and upstairs bedroom, drawing inspiration from the Cottage’s incredible bones. The Fords also renovated a newly purchased 1930s farmhouse, maintaining its existing beauty while adding a modern look to it.

In the final episode of the season, Leanne and Steve transformed an old warehouse into a fancy Bachelor pad for Steve to live in.

Restored by the Fords Season 3, Release date, premier.

After Season 2 of Restored by the Fords ended on May 7, 2019, HGTV has not yet made it clear about the release date for season 3 of the series. According to many guests, Restored By The Fords season 3 premiere in March 2020. As of now, let’s hope that HGTV announces the official season 3 release date soon.

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