Who is Axman from street outlaws’ girlfriend? Age wiki, bio.

Larry Roach, or Axman as he is popularly known as is an experienced racer and television personality. Like most of the other drivers in the Oklahoma drag racing scene, Axman appears on Street Outlaws, a show which airs on the Discovery Channel. Roach first got behind the wheel when he was still a young boy. This inevitably led to him working in a garage, where he learned how to fabricate cars. In time, he’d even manage to restore a 1972 Nova. Here is a look at his love life, as we examine his biography in detail.

Who is Axman from street outlaws’ girlfriend?

Axman does from street outlaws does not have a girlfriend. He is a married man in fact, as he has had a wife for the past six years now. Larry and

had been dating for quite some time before they decided that they were ready to spend their lives together. Axman officially proposed on New Years Day in 2016. They were walking down the aisle a few months later. As of 2021, the couple has three children together. Nitro, their oldest son, was born in 2010, several years before his parents got married. As such, he is currently 11 years old.

Sarah’s second-born, Cam, is just 7 years old. Last but not least, we have Nova, who is just two years old. She was born back in 2019. Axman from “street outlaws” often speaks highly of his wife, talking about all the work she does behind the scene. He revealed that Sarah is the core reason why he is seldom ever late.

Moreover, she even helps out while he is on the track. An examination of Sarah Mattox’s social media activity also revealed that she is very proficient when it comes to working out. Sarah not only crushes marathons but is also adept at lifting weights.

Just last year, she was even officially certified as a cross-fit trainer.

When she is not working out at the gym, or raising her kids, Sarah can be found helping out at her family’s business. Her father, Mike Mattox, is the proprietor of a bar called Two Sisters Taproom & Deli.

Axman with her wife, Sarah Mattox
Street Outlaws’ Axman with his wife, Sarah Mattox

His Age and Early Life.

Larry Roach was born sometime in the 80s, which would mean that he is in his early to mid-40s as we speak. Moreover, the Axman from street outlaws is a native of Altavista, Virginia, which also makes him a US national. Axman was raised in an area that sat next to a dirt road, which other people would use to race.

Additionally, his family fell on the lower end of the spectrum as far as finances were concerned. They were poor, which meant that Larry could only watch as the people around him got to race around the tracks.

He didn’t mind, however, proving to be a free spirit back then, particularly as he set out barefoot on the open road. Roach was content to just watch, but he knew that he’d won a car one day.

To this end, street outalws racer Axman joined a garage, which, gave him the platform to pick up useful tips and skills relating to the restoration of cars.

Full name Larry ‘Axman’ Roach
Age The Mid 40s
Date of Birth The 1980s
Place of Birth Altavista, Virginia, USA
Profession Television Personality, Street Racer
Net worth $500,000
Partner Sarah Mattox
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Under review

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