How did Alex Lagina (Marty Lagina’s son) Die? Or is He alive?

Alex Lagina is “that guy from Michigan who sometimes visits Canada” – at least that’s how he describes himself on Instagram. Professionally, he is a treasure hunter and part of the Lagina family, as seen in History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island. Some may also describe him as a Mechanical Engineer and the General … Read more

Know about Rick Lagina’s Death. Truth or Rumor?

Image of Know about Rick Lagina’s Death

Rick Lagina is one of the showrunners of History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island. Over the years, he’s had waves of success together with his brother, Marty Lagina, in uncovering the secrets and treasures the Island holds. It is a risky venture that encompasses excavation and heavy drilling that can sometimes lead to landslides, … Read more