Rick Lagina Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age. (2020 Updated)

Rick Lagina is a retired post office serviceman and has taken charge of handling one of the biggest TV productions. It is one of the major sources of income for the celebrity, whereas, for other sources, he has a lot more to his name. This is Rick Lagina Wikipedia like bio.

In this article, you will know about all the details of Rick Lagina, including his net worth, sources of income, body measurements, important facts, and about his personal life. Though Rick Lagina keeps most of his record off media, there is still little information that you must know.

What does Rick Lagina Do?

Rick Lagina is a big name amongst the famous TV stars and is most popularly known for being amongst the lead star casts of The Curse of Oak Island

He is a graduate in his educational profession, but today is a famous TV star. Rick Lagina is a producer and an actor in several TV series shows.

The main ideology of Rick Lagina throughout the years is to follow new ways of finding the treasure of Oak Island. He has spent a lot of time on his career in finding the treasure hidden on the island.

He has immense ideas and strategies that he wishes to implement on to real life as well as the storyline of the Curse of Oak Island.

Image of Caption: Rick Lagina from the TV reality show, The Curse of Oak Island
Caption: Rick Lagina from the TV reality show, The Curse of Oak Island

Rick Lagina’s net worth.

The primary source of income for Rick Lagina comes from this popular TV show that streams on the History channel. Since the year 2014, the year when the show aired, the net worth of Rick Lagina is gradually high since then. As per the records, the current net worth of Rick Lagina is $3 million.

He plays a small part in the show productions for which he gets small shares in return. Not only that, but the senior Lagina also owns a part of Oak Island and gets the earning from the tours.

The business of Rick Lagina on the lands of Oak Island gets him some share of his income by the tourists. The tourists from all over the world come to visit Oak Island to know its history of treasure hunting.

Rick Lagina also earns good money as royalty pay whenever the history channel airs any of the episodes of The Curse of Oak Island. He makes a good amount of money every year just as royalty payments as per the contract.

How old is Rick Lagina?

Rick Lagina is a 68 years old man full of young energy and talent. He was born on 24th January 1952 in Kingsford, United States. He has started his career in acting after his retirement in 2005 from the postal services.

Personal Life of Rick Lagina.

There is no such personal information about the personal life of Rick Lagina as he prefers to keep it low. Due to this exposure in the popular show of Oak Island, people now have some information about the 67 years old multi-talented professional.

Going back to childhood, he was mere 11 years old when he read about Oak Island in 1965 in a newspaper. He started gaining excitement back then after hearing about the legends and rumors about the Island. Later Rick Lagina grew up wondering about the mystery of Oak Island.

Back in the Childhood, Rick Lagina dreamt of exploring Oak Island once in life. But today, he, along with his brother Marty, didn’t only fulfill his dreams but owned more than half of the Island. His primary purpose in buying the land is to run investigations on the history and rumors about the place.

Rick Lagina is the son of Ann Lagina-Cavalieri (Mother) and George Jacob Lagina (Father). There is no detailed information about his personal life as he prefers keeping his private window shut from the media world.

Image of Caption: Rick Lagina parents Ann Lagina-Cavalieri (Mother) and George Jacob Lagina (Father)
Caption: Rick Lagina parents Ann Lagina-Cavalieri (Mother) and George Jacob Lagina (Father)

Rick Lagina Wikipedia Bio.

Rick Lagina is an American with a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a body weight of 79 kg. His sexual orientation is straight and has brown eyes and brown hair. There is no update on his current relationship status. The ethnicity of Rick Lagina is white American.

Image of Caption: Rick Lagina with his brother Marty Lagina
Caption: Rick Lagina with his brother Marty Lagina
  1. He found his interest in Oak Island in the year 1965 in a news article.
  2. Rick Lagina and his brother own more than half of Oak Island.
  3. Marty and Rick Lagina faced a lot of difficulty in getting the permit for buying land on Oak Island.
  4. Rick and Marty Lagina decided to buy land on Oak Island by reading the “land on sale” news in a newspaper.
  5. Rick Lagina has found several historical items on the Island since the time of purchase. Amongst the collection, he found a Spanish coin of 8 Maravedis of the year 1652. In addition to that, they also found coconut fiber and many other things.
  6. Lagina brothers spent millions of dollars in buying and using drilling rigs in the Oak Island for searching the treasure.
  7. Rick does not like to watch his show to avoid seeing himself on television.
  8. He says that he is not a fan of Oak Island, but he believes that there is something mysterious that the world needs to see.

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Where does Rick Lagina Live?

Rick Lagina lives in Kingsford, Michigan, in the United States. He is currently spending most of his time finding the treasure in the Oak Islands.

Rick Lagina mentioned that he stays on the island every year from May to October, finding the historical items and continue the search of the treasure.

He also mentions that during his stay in the Oak Islands, he used to work for five days a week. Rick Lagina takes the maximum workload of exploring Oak Island, whereas Marty, brother of Rick, handles his other business outlets.

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