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Netflix is your one-stop home to the entertainment of all genres. But, did you know that they recently crossed over to great reality television too? Shawn Pilot is an actor and part of the crew on Gotham Garage. Altogether, they appear on the series, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, which showcases their work as a team in car repairs as well restoration. For more on Shawn Pilot’s net worth, Wikipedia type biography, and details on his wife, be sure to check out the entirety of this piece.

Who is Shawn Pilot?

According to online sources, Shawn Pilot is an actor who made his debut in a film back in 1999 in the movie Three Kings. Even though his role was mainly minor, he shared the stage with other Hollywood A-listers such as Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, and Ice Cube. The movie made a total of $108 million in profits, making it a great start on his net worth.

Pilot later went on over a decade-long hiatus from acting only to re-emerge on Inside West Coast Customs in the year 2011. Like Car Masters, Inside West Coast also deals with building cars, restorations, and a whole lot more.

Image of Shawn Pilot from the TV show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches
Caption: Shawn Pilot from the TV show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches

This particular episode (season 2, episode 2) saw Shawn Pilot partnering up stars with Hunter Clancey and Ryan Friedlinghaus trying to fuse the classic 1958 Corvette with the ’08 Vette’s modern amenities. The got the inspiration from one of Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas music videos hence the title of the episode.

Shawn Pilot Net Worth.

Shawn Pilot’s acting career has had him meet extraordinary people and taken him to places he would have never gone. It pays him well, too, as depicted by his impressive net worth. Moreover, it’s one thing to have your salary from acting, but it’s another to make six-figure profits flipping off cars.

Mark Towle, their leader, and owner of Gotham Garage, oversee the purchase of old automobiles at less than $1000. He then has his crew working on the car till it’s ready for resale. Information on Shawn Pilot’s net worth may not be available to the general public just yet, but it should be substantial.

Image of Shawn Pilot with Mark Towle the owner of Gotham Garage
Caption: Shawn Pilot with Mark Towle, the owner of Gotham Garage

Did you know that part of his net worth also comes from his career as a professional gambler? Aside from his talents in fixing cars, the actor is also a skilled Poker Player. Even though he hasn’t won any known tournament, it’s good to know he is a man of provision.

Shawn Pilot Married to a wife?

The cast of Car Masters is either too secretive or very open of their relationships and personal lives. Shawn Pilot falls on neither spectrum and is a bit of an enigma. No one knows about whether his heart is taken or whether or if he is married to a wife. Regardless, if there’s one thing Shawn Pilot loves, it’s custom-made cars and the thrill of driving them.

Shawn Pilot Wikipedia Biography.

Name Shawn Pilot
Profession Actor, Tv personality
Relationship status Unknown
Age Unknown
Birthdate Undisclosed

Unfortunately, Shawn Pilot doesn’t have a lot going on for him when it comes to the Wiki-bio segment. No one knows his birthdate, age, early life, or parents’ whereabouts. However, we’d say he looks about the late ’30s to 40 years old.

Social Media Activities.

Shawn Pilot is much of a social media person and prefers living life in the real world. However, due to public pressure, he has an Instagram account with less than 5K followers. He mostly showcases the Road Warrior Corvette and limits his following to the crew and a few friends.

Shawn Pilot Wikipedia Page isn’t yet available.

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