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Darrell Sheet, a man of immense experience in storage locker business, is known for his killer approach to his business dealings. He is a well-known name in many households that watch the A& E (TV Channel)’s show, Storage Wars. Continue Reading to know Darrell Sheets Net Worth.

The man has earned himself the title, ‘The gambler’ after his fellow c0-stars observed his way of approaching the business of storage locker buying. He makes very calculated steps when engaging the auctioneers. Darrell is a risk-taker.

The reality star Darrell Sheets holds a special place in the hearts of his fans. Darrell has a trail of love episodes with different women in his life. That is a brief description of the life of Darrell Street. Let’s know more about this star in his following biography.

Darell Sheet Net Worth.

The star has acquired much of his wealth from his active part in the show, ‘Storage Wars’. He is said to earn a salary of $25,000 from every episode. Darrell Sheet’s net worth is $4.5 million.

Image of Storage Wars cast Darrell Sheet net worth is $4.5 million
Storage Wars cast Darrell Sheet net worth is $4.5 million

He is honored to have appeared in more than 100 episodes on the show. His hope with every bid is to make a good return. He sometimes strikes rich, and other times he misses the stake. The show involves cast members who are bidders to storage lockers on auction.

You are only given a brief chance to look into the locker and place a bid. Sometimes you may get lockers with thousands of dollars’ worth of items. Other times you may land a locker full of trash.

One time during an interview in the show, Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars revealed that he once bid for a locker that contained a letter by the late American President, Abraham Lincoln, four paintings by Pablo Picasso and a rare collection of comic books. These would turn out to be outstanding items to sell off and make a high return.

In one of the show’s episodes, Darrell Sheets makes a tidy $3,600 from a locker he had made a bid. The locker had a collection of Frank Gutierrez, which was worth $300,000. This was recorded as the most significant findings within the show. Such luck, coupled with bidding skills, have sometimes catapulted him to cover for the losses he has had before.

Darrell is also subjected to an annual salary of $300000, which also plays a significant contributing role in his net worth.

Career Info of Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars.

The sixty-year-old began the passion for collections from a very young age. It started as a hobby and turned into a career.

Through his participation in auctions, and making valuable collections, Darrell Sheets has earned considerable net worth. He started his career of storage auction many years ago and has worked up through for decades.

Image of Darrell Sheet from Storage Wars show
Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars show

His wealth and career took a turn for the better after he joined the Storage Wars show. His noticeable participation has made him a principal cast member of the show who has cast in every season. Together, with his son, Brandon Sheets, they have appeared in the show.

He has gained such a massive fan following from the show, and this makes it difficult for Storage Wars to drop him.

Storage Wars Darrell Sheets Weight Loss, Tattoos.

Darrell Sheet was a heavy man weighing 315lbs. He has had a very long winding journey trying to get rid of his weight. He decided several methods to drop the pounds, but they weren’t working.

His try on working out never worked. He then sought the help of the Nutrisystem, which helped him drop a significant chunk of the weight. His weight dropped to 197lb. Thanks to Nutrisystem for helping in Darrell Sheet’s Weight Loss Journey.

Darrell Sheets from “Storage Wars” says in one of his Twitter comments,

“My joints hurt. My body hurt. I was tired of exercise with no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad choices on the set,”

“Nutrisystem was the easy answer.”

The American is a tattoo lover who has inked several tattoos mainly on his hands.

Family, Age, Wiki-bio, Quick Facts.

  • Darrell Sheet was born on May 13th, 1958.
  • He is now sixty years old.
  • Darell is of the American citizenry, but no information is available about his ethnicity.  
  • He was born in San Diego, California in the United States.
  • His personal life as regards his parenting, siblings or schooling is still very private knowledge.
  • His hometown is Covina in California.
Darrell Sheet  wiki-bio Description
Full name Darrell Sheets
Acting name Gambler
Date of birth (age) May 13th, 1958  (59)
Birthplace Covina California USA
Net worth $4.5 million
Career TV show castor
Nationality American
TV Show Storage wars
Marital status Not known
Wife Not known
Girlfriend Kimberly Wuerfel
Children Four
Height 5 feet 10inches

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