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Ivy Calvin has maneuvered his life across four careers. A very buoyant and determined reality TV personality, Ivy has earned himself a place in the A& E (TV Channel)’s show, Storage Wars. His measured approach to the business has earned him the name, The Kind of Palmdale.

He has an eye for good deals, making him a valuable place in the show. The star joined the show in its third season, in 2012, as a part-timer.

Ivy Calvin has appeared in the show “Storage Wars” since then, and now for over fifty episodes. A former arena football player, Martial Arts fighter, businessman and now a reality star, shows you that this is a man of sheer grit. Know his net worth right here.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth.

Calvin’s primary sources of income come from the salary he derives from the show, Storage Wars. As such, Ivy Calvin is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million.

Image of Storage Wars cast Ivy Calvin net worth is $1.5 million
Storage Wars cast Ivy Calvin net worth is $1.5 million

His diverse career must have earned him plenty of earnings over the years. Due to his high ranking in the show, we expect that he has set foot into a lucrative business that will earn him a vast fortune of wealth.

Storage Wars Ivy Calvin earns $200,000 from the show and also receives a tidy income from his store. His weekly earnings from the store range from $6,000 to $25,000 per month, making his annual salary, $300,000.

Career Info.

Before he found the high fame in storage auctioning, Ivy Calvin was a sportsman. The 47-year-old celebrity played as an arena footballer and a mixed martial arts fighter. He formed a base on his determined nature from these sports.

Ivy later went on to learn the business of storage auction by exploring storage sales and auctions. He narrowed down his focus in 2009 when he decided to open a thrift store

In Palmdale, California. Ivy Calvin named the store, ‘Grandma’s Attic’. The man was determined to fill the store with his finds of storage.

The ‘Storage Wars’ crew later discovered him and offered him a chance to appear on a part-time basis. He would appear when one of the cast members was absent.

Ivy was then picked a full time when after Dave Hester left the show after a disagreement. He became a regular cast member from the 5th season and has appeared on the show ever since.

This has made him a critical member of the show. He brings a different breath of determination into the show. The star is a pushy buyer who portrays heavy boldness and confidence amid the risk involved.

Image of Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars show
Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars show

Ivy Calvin still loves to engage his sporting past. He has been working at Vasquez High School as an assistant football coach. He ran a fundraising project for the school’s new equipment by promoting it on Facebook.

Storage Wars Ivy Calvin has a very active social media life. He has a large following on Twitter, with 17k followers. He has 13k followers on Facebook. The 47-year-old reality star keeps his fans engaged by posting a lot about his part in the Storage Wars

Storage Wars Ivy Calvin is Married to Wife Wendy Calvin.

Ivy Calvin is married to his wife, Wendy. He has not been open about his marriage details, and so we are not able to tell when the two tied the knot. They are proud parents to two sons, Isaiah and Ivy, who have appeared in an episode of ‘Storage Wars’.

Image of Ivy Calvin with his wife Wendy Calvin
Ivy Calvin with his wife, Wendy Calvin

Ivy hasn’t divulged many details about his married life with Wendy. In April 2014 they were seen together at the ‘Reality Wanted Awards’ in Los Angeles, California. They are active on Twitter, where they splash each other with sweet messages, and to their children. They also get to talk about the running of their businesses.

Storage Wars Ivy Calvin says that when he is not casting on the show, he spends his time hunting and fishing with his two sons, and traveling across California. One of his sons Ivy takes after him in sporting.

He is a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, track and field events. He is working hard to get a scholarship that can propel his athletic career.

Ivy Calvin Wiki-bio.

The athletic cum businessman was born on September 10th, 1971, in California. He is now forty-seven years of age. He grew up in a family of four; his parents and Sister Tanya in Ridgecrest. He is from an African-American ethnicity.

The reality star Ivy Calvin from “Storage Wars” played football and practiced martial arts in Burroughs High School. Ivy went to Bakersfield where he was voted as a pre-season Al-American back in 1990.

He attended California State University, in Northbridge. He was a super linebacker in the university’s team.

Rick Ness  wiki-bio Description
Full name Ivy Calvin
Acting name The King of Palmdale
Date of birth (age) September 10th, 1971 (47)
Birthplace California
Net worth $1.5 million
Career TV show castor
Nationality American
TV Show Storage wars
Marital status Married
Wife Wendy Calvin
Girlfriend None
Children Two sons
Height Not known

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