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Dave Hester is strict when it comes to his business of storage buying and professional auctioneering. He is a famous TV personality, who was made famous by the popular A&E (TV Channel)’s, “Storage Wars.” The man is known for his pushy, aggressive, ambitious and suspicious character, as he deals with his fellow castors in “Storage Wars.” Continue reading to know Dave Hester Net Worth.

He has engaged in furious altercations with some other star buyers in the show, such as Darrell Sheet and his son, Brandon Sheet. He has displayed an aggressive approach to his brother in one of the show’s episode; a bid was placed against him.

It is this approach to his work, and casting at the show that has given him the name “The Mogul.” He is a seasoned auctioneer and reality TV star. Continue reading to meet his wife Donna Hester.

Dave Hester Net Worth.

The star has gained this net worth from his earnings from the show and his longtime commercial enterprises such as the “Dave Hester Auctions.”

Dave Hester’s net worth is estimated to be $4million. He has been in this business for many years, and so he is expected to keep expanding his ventures and earning more net worth over the years

Image of Storage Wars cast Dave Hester net worth is $4 million
Storage Wars cast Dave Hester net worth is $4 million

Career Info that Gave Dave Hester $4 Million Net Worth.

Dave Hester from “Storage Wars” grew up with a peculiar interest in auctions. Like many stars who inherited their prowess from their family backgrounds, Dave credits his love for auctioning to his father.

His father was an Army man who would purchase and sell valuable items in different auctions. Dave would follow his dad to auctions, meetings, and sales from the age of five years. At a young age of 14, he began to buy machinery and toolsets for auction.

He progressed to sell these items to the military base stores in California. His passion and great attention to the details in this business ended up earning a lot of income.

Dave from “Storage Wars” has a younger brother who is in the same business as him, but they never see eye to eye. Dave Hester has begun training his son Dave Jr.

The younger Hester has taken a different approach to the business, by introducing the online section that seeks to reach out to customers who are far and wide, from their business’ physical location.

He has an entirely different approach from his dad, as seen by his aspirations to possess a mobile home. He wants to move from one place to another as a ’ gipsy auctioneer.’ This will enable him to attend auctions every day.

Image of Dave Hester from Storage Wars show
Dave Hester from Storage Wars show

In his humble beginnings, Dave worked as a catcher back. His work was to locate bidders during an auction.

This is where he articulated his catchword ‘Yuuup,’ a word he utters a lot during the Storage Wars show. In 1992 he was licensed to be a bonded auctioneer, and his success doors burst open.

His name became a household name when he featured on the famous television show, ‘Storage Wars.’

Dave Hester is Married To Wife Donna Hester.

Dave is married to his lovely wife, Donna Hester. Being a much older celebrity makes him quite secretive about his personal life. So, not much information about his wife is known.

Image of Dave Hester with his wife Donna Hester
Dave Hester with his wife, Donna Hester

In 2016, photos of Dave and his wife were splashed all over the internet when they attended the Zombie walk on the third day of Comic-Con.

Dave Hester from “Storage Wars” was dressed up in zombie Donald Trump and his wife Dona in Zombie Hillary Clinton. What a scene! Fans and attendees couldn’t stop taking a photo of the couple as they walked along. He also does get to online platforms to wish his dear wife well.

Dave Hester and wife Donna Hester has a son Dave Jr., who has taken after his father in the auctioneering business. Jr. started the company after he appeared alongside his father in one of the episodes of Storage Wars.

Dave Hester controversy.

The 55-year-old reality star cannot go without controversy as he does his businesses and casting on Storage Wars. He is a vicious troublemaker.

Dave Hester from “Storage Wars” lost his job in 2012. He went straight to the courts to challenge A&E on this decision. He stated that they wrongfully sacked him.

The reason for his sacking was due to his formal accusation of staged acting by Storage War. One of his claims was that certain items were intentionally placed in the store for unknown reasons. The star lost part of the case, and later they ironed out the issue in 2014. In 2014, he got his job back.

Family, Age, Wiki-bio.

Dave Hester was born on July 3rd, 1964, in Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base, California, USA, where his father used to work as an Army man. He was born to a father of Irish and German accent and a Mexican mother.

Dave Hester  wiki-bio Description
Full name Dave Hester
Acting name The Mogul
Date of birth July 3rd, 1964
Net worth $4 million
Career Auctioneer and Reality TV show castor
Nationality American
TV Show Storage Wars
Marital status Married
Wife Donna Hester
Childen Dave Jr.
Height Not known

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