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Brandon Sheets is a young and famous TV personality. The man wasn’t renowned until he appeared on the popular American reality TV series, Storage Wars. Brandon is known for his creative abilities to bid for these units. He joined the show together with his father Darrell Sheets, who is a veteran in the business of storage buying. Brandon has learned the skill from the best. The side bet is his nickname. Let’s examine the life of this man, Brandon Sheets, exploring his net worth.

Brandon Sheets Wiki Bio.

Storage War is an American TV series aired by the A&E Network, which premiered on December 1st, 2010. It follows a storyline where, if rent is not paid for a storage locker in a storage facility, for about three months, the contents can be sold by an auctioneer. This is done as a cash-only auction.

Image of Brandon Sheet from Storage War show
Brandon Sheet from Storage War show

The professional buyers are made to visit the storage facilities to bid on the lockers. Before the locker is placed for auction, the professional buyers are given just five minutes to inspect the content only from the door. They are not allowed to enter the locker or touch any of the contents.

After the day’s auction is done, the bidders who have won go through the lockers. They begin to estimate the prices they will set for the lockers’ contents with valuation experts. The buyer will then learn whether they made any profits from the lockers’ contents

Brandon Sheet appeared on the show as a professional buyer together with his father. Thus a star was born.

Brandon Sheets Net Worth, Income

The man is a professional bidder, a reality television personality, and a real estate agent. He earned much of this net worth from the reality television show, Storage Wars, which he appeared together with his father, Darrell Sheets. Brandon Sheets’ net worth is $400,000.

Image of Storage Wars cast Brandon Sheet net worth is $400,000
Storage Wars cast Brandon Sheet net worth is $400,000

His father has a higher net worth of about &4.5 million. Brandon Sheets old man’s salary ranges from $15,000 to $30,000 per episode. The star could have earned the same, or slightly lower than his dad. He stopped appearing in the show in 2016, and this brought to a halt his earnings from the show.

The reality star still attends auctions across the U.S with his father, earning him an income from what they make. He is currently running a real estate agency in Arizona, and the business is earning him an income at the moment.

Career Info.

Brandon Sheets created a deep interest in the business of antique collections, and storage units purchase when he still a young boy. The star preferred to get his General Education Development (GED) tests, versus getting his high school diploma. He opted to join his father in the business as soon as possible to run the ropes. Brandon went on to assist his dad Darrell Sheets in his storage units.

Image of Brandon Sheet with father Darrell Sheets
Brandon Sheet with father Darrell Sheets

He acquired the skills of the business, and slowly, he became a pro in the trade. The star has his father to thank for this prowess. He runs an online thrift store, which he uses to acquire and resell antique collections and storage units.

Storage Wars

Brandon Sheets appeared in Storage Wars, as a professional buyer alongside his father. The show features buyers such as Brandon who bid to buy storage closets which are being auctioned to pay off their rent arrears.

Brandon and his dad have bought closets that have had high-value items and made a tidy profit from the sale. One time, they discovered paintings by Gutierrez, Picasso, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln and a comic book collection. The collection of Frank Gutierrez earned them a tidy income of $300,000.

Brandon Sheets gained fame and recognition from the show’s fans and was loved a lot for his team spirit. They had a distinctive way of making their bids, and this made them land good storage units that in turn, made them some good profits. Sometimes he ended up with little or no profits at all, if the locker contained collections that were worth much lower than what they had purchased.

New Horizons.

On December 2016, after season 9, Brandon Sheets left the show, as the producers were running out of funds and needed to make cuts on their budget.

He proceeded to start his real estate agency in Arizona, which he currently manages. He still works with his father in the storage collections business. They attend auctions together to-date.

He is quite an ambitious businessman who has a bright future ahead.

Brandon Sheets Is Married to Wife Melissa Sheets.

The reality star, Brandon Sheets, is a married man. He has a beautiful wife by the name Melissa Sheets.

Image of Brandon Sheet with his wife Melissa Sheets.
Brandon Sheet with his wife, Melissa Sheets.

They have a daughter together called Addie Sheets. He doesn’t speak about her, as he prefers to keep the girl away from public scrutiny.

Image of Brandon Sheet with his daughter Addie Sheets
Brandon Sheet with his daughter Addie Sheets

Brandon loves posting photos with his wife and daughter on his social media platforms.

Family, Age, Wiki-bio.

Brandon Sheets was born on December 26, 1983, in San Diego, California. He was born to his father, Darrell Sheets. Brandon’s mother remains a mystery. His father hasn’t remarried and has been dating ever since they parted ways with his first wife.

Brandon Sheets wiki-bio Description
Full name Brandon Sheets
Acting name The side bet
Date of birth (age) December 26th, 1983 (35)
Birthplace San Diego California USA
Net worth $400,000
Career TV show castor
Nationality American
TV Show Storage wars
Marital status Not known
Wife Melissa Jedinak
Children One (Addie Sheets)
Facebook Here.
Twitter Here.
Instagram Click This.
Height 5 feet 10inches

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