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Edwina Registre is an American reality TV personality. She has become popular from her appearance in the A&E (TV Channel), “Storage Wars” show. The star was a music lover and participant while she was young.

It is this love for music which made her meet her close friend, and now a business partner Shaha Dahan. She has a day job, which she does along with her appearances with Shaha on Storage Wars. The following paragraphs follow the life, and times of this Storage Wars beauty queen. Know Edwina Registre’s net worth from this review.

Edwina Registre Net Worth. Property. Income.

The television personality has not come out to publicly declare how much she earns from the Storage Wars show. However, Edwina Registre is estimated to earn a good salary from the show just like other stars that have been featuring.

Image of Storage Wars cast Edwina Registre net worth is currently not available
Storage Wars cast Edwina Registre net worth is currently not available

Edwina also has a day job at, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield as an ISG Sales & Retention Executive, that earns her a salary.

She also co-manages a YouTube channel together with her friend Shaha, which has a large subscriber following. At the moment, Edwin Registre’s net worth is currently undisclosed and under review.

Edwina is expected to keep growing her net worth and income. It is expected that she will go public on what she owns.

Career Info.

Edwina Registre is very well known for her work with her life long friend, Shaha Dahan. They met in high school while travelling on the same bus on the way to a music competition. Their friendship would gradually blossom, and after finishing school, they joined forces to try different things.

Edwina Registre co-manages their video streaming channel, “Thrifters Anonymous” on their YouTube channel with over 32,000 subscribers. They regularly record what they call their “Shenanigans” while they hunt for treasures, or what they refer to as “gotta have it” items, in thrift stores. They have continued to film many of their adventurous hunts for treasures.

Edwina and Shaha run a fashion blog called They started with just a love for taking outfit photos and uploading them on the blog. They continued to invent weekly themed outfits that they would post.

This later transformed into daily themes where they pose in nice-looking outfits. They have very high traffic on their blog, growing increasingly popular with each passing day.

Edwina Registre has a day job as an ISG Sales & Retention Executive at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. She once worked as a 68w combat medic at the U.S. Army.

Thrifters Anonymous.

Edwina Registre developed a love for ‘Thrifty fashion’, and with Shana, they started, ‘Thrifters Anonymous’, which has grown into a good business.

She has continued to take photos and videos for Shana’s blog, ‘colourblind’. The reality star hosts videos and chats on the channel, in collaboration with TA Talk and Haul videos. Edwina Registre also appeared as an actress in 2012, co-starring with her friend Shana’s husband show, ‘Action Action’.

Edwina Registre On Storage Wars.

They have joined the Storage Wars show as the newcomers with what they call, “new vintage”. Storage Wars is a show that showcases the art, and business of bidding for storage units that have been abandoned and not paid for rent for more than three months.

Image of Edwina Registre from Storage Wars show
Edwina Registre from Storage Wars show

A buyer has to bid for the units based on their knowledge and skills for treasure hunting. Edwina Registre and her team are not allowed to touch the contents of the lockers until they purchase them. After purchasing, they value the items, and later begin to sell them at a profit to recover their bid price and make a profit.

They are applying new skills in trying to locate the best storage lockers in the show that can earn them a good profit after selling. They both form the team ‘The Las Vegas Ladies’.

Edwina Registre is Married to Husband.

Edwina Registre is married to her husband for several years. She has not revealed anything about the name of her husband, or when they got married. Edwina currently doesn’t seem to have any children as she hasn’t spoken about it, and there is no photos of her with any child.

Image of Edwina Registre with her husband
Edwina Registre with her husband

There hasn’t been any reported news about any marital issues with her husband. So, it can be concluded that she is happily married.

Edwina Registre Family, Age, Wiki-bio.

Edwina Registre was born on October 12th, 1978, in Las Vegas. She was born in a traditional Christian family in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are African-American by descent. She is an American citizen. There isn’t a lot of detail about her parents, and whether she grew up with any siblings.

She attended normal state schools as she grew up. Edwina Registre attended Las Vegas High school, where she met her longtime friend and now business partner, Shana Dahan. She then moved to study at Phoenix University, where she graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice Science. It is again in this university that they met with her friend, Shaha.

She is now forty years old and is living with his husband in Las Vegas. They were previously leaving in San Antonio, Texas. Edwina Registre is quite athletic. Her body is very well toned due to her regular fitness program.

Edwina Registre wiki-bio Description
Full name Edwina Registre
Acting name Thrifters Anonymous
Date of birth October 12 1978
Parents Not known
Net worth Under review
Career Insurance broker, fashion blogger, and Reality TV personality
Nationality American
TV Show Storage Wars
Marital status Married
Husband Not known
Children Not known
Height Not known

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