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Marty Caffrey is an ex-husband of Danielle Staub. Get to know him better. Know Marty Caffrey Wikipedia bio and net worth.

What does Marty Caffrey do for a living? Know about his job and occupation

He is an American television personality. He is famous for being the third husband of Danielle Staub, who is one of the cast members of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

Apart from being on the Bravo series with his wife, Marty Caffrey is also a businessman and investor manager.

Marty Caffrey Net Worth.

Though he did not earn a huge amount on the sets of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he surely does at his mother’s thriving business. Yes! He is an investment manager for his mother’s company as well as another company. As per 2019, Marty Caffrey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Image of TV Personality,  Marty Caffrey net worth is $1 million
TV Personality,  Marty Caffrey net worth is $1 million

 Marty Caffrey Wikipedia info

He was born in January 1952. He belongs to South Jersey, USA. Marty Caffrey height measures 1.82m while weight is 95kg. His biceps size is 16inches. Marty’s father’s name is yet to be revealed. His mother’s name is Janice Bennet. He follows Christianity by religion.


Marty Caffrey is Danielle Staub’s Ex-Husband

Sadly, Marty and Danielle are no more together. The duo got divorced this year(2019). Their marriage just lasted for a single year(2018-19). Both of them were dating each other since 2016.

In May 2017, Marty proposed to Danielle in front of the camera on the set of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey in its season 9. Marty decided for divorce when Danielle got a temporary restraining order against him. As per the court documents, Staub has complained of Marty’s cruel behavior towards her.

She also stated that he had made her sex videos without her permission. And he has also threatened her of leaking those tapes in public.

Image of Marty Caffrey with his ex-wife Danielle Staub
Marty Caffrey with his ex-wife Danielle Staub

It’s also in the news that the three children(David, Allison, and Lauren) of Marty(from a previous marriage) don’t like Staub at all.

When they heard about their father getting engaged to Danielle, they stopped talking to Marty. The main reason behind it is that they are the greatest fans of the show, and they hate for what she enacts over there.

In one of her interviews, Danielle stated that Marty Caffrey’s son is very supportive of his father. And he even apologized to Staub for his sister’s rude behaviors. Marty was previously married to Gail Marie Sincavage in the year 1979, but soon, the duo split apart.

The duo is the parents of two beautiful daughters and a charming young son. They are also the grandparents to Allison’s daughter, Reese, whose pictures are always updated by Marty.

Marty married twice while Danielle is married thrice and engaged for almost 20times.

Marty Caffrey’s House.

In Nov 2018, Marty put the mansion on sale, which he had bought for Danielle and himself. And he did not consult about the same with her. At that moment, Danielle and her daughter Jillian was living in that ravishing 7500 square feet mansion.

Image of TV actor, Marty Caffrey house
TV actor, Marty Caffrey house
Name Marty Caffrey
Birth Date January 1952
Spouse Single
Children David, Allison, Lauren
Profession Reality Tv Star, Investment Manager, Businessman
Net Worth $1million

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