Lenedra Carroll: Wikipedia Bio of Atz Kilcher’s First Wife.

If you watched American discovery series “Alaska; The Last Frontier,” then you probably know about Lenedra Carroll too as an ex-wife to Atz Kilcher, the main cast of the series.

If not, you might recognize her as soon as you hear the word ‘versatile.’ Lenedra is a singer, teacher, public speaker, author, and an accomplished businesswoman. She is also the co-founder of Higher Ground for Humanity foundation.

Not only she touched the various field but also succeeded in all. So let’s take a look at Atz Kilcher’s first wife biography and dig out details on her divorce, her current net worth, and other personal aspects right here!

Lenedra Carroll’s Childhood, Early life.

A multi-talented lady, Lenedra Carroll, was born in a small village in Alaska in 1952. She was born to her mother, Arva Carroll, and father, Jasper Jewel Carroll. Lenedra is not the only child of Jasper and Arva Carroll. She grew up alongside her other three siblings as a Mormons in Alaska.

Atz Kilcher’s first wife, Lenedra’s parents moved to Alaska in the 30s, in the interior of Alaska before moving to the island known by Wrangell. There, she grew up surrounded by the intense wilderness of Alaska and learned to get into the rhythm and wave of nature. Later, Lenedra presented her living and learning via the book “The Architecture of All Abundant,” announced in 2001.

Atz Kilcher’s First Wife Lenedra Carroll’s Career, Livelihood

Lenedra, as a singer, has fifteen years of experience in the music industry. She has released two albums with her ex-husband Atz Kilcher and two solo albums in which Beyond Words and Daybreak Song are her solo performances.

Image of Singer, Lenedra Caroll
Singer, Lenedra Carroll

As an author, she published a memoir “The Architecture of All Abundance” in 2001 that recites Lenedra’s journey of spirituality and humanitarian works. She is also a co-founder of Higher Ground for Humanity alongside her daughter Jewel. The foundation works internationally to motivate optimistic change and is growing in 18 different countries as of now.

Net Worth of Lenedra Carroll.

The beauty-with-a-brain, Lenedra has her involvement in many fields and has turned out well to amass a good fortune. Lenedra’s net worth is estimated to be $13 million as of 2019. Keeping in mind she is a singer, songwriter, and an author, these skills help her to boost up her wallet pretty well.

Lenedra Carroll Marriage as Atz Kilcher’s Wife, Divorce, and Children.

One of many things what most of the people already know is that Lenedra was married to Atz Kilcher. Perhaps marrying Atz was the first thing that brought her up in the limelight because that is when she started getting people’s attention.

Talking about Atz, he is an author, singer, farmer, father and not to forget, the main cast of the Discovery series “Alaska; The Last Frontier”. Lenedra and Atz first met when she moved to Homer. During their marriage, the couple was graced with three children; Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher and Atz Lee Kilcher.

Despite leading a good run together as a husband and a wife, for whatever reason, the pair decided to close the book and called the marriage to an end in 1982. Reason behind their sad divorce is not yet disclosed.

Image of Lenedra Carroll And Daughter Jewel Kilcher
Lenedra Carroll And Daughter Jewel Kilcher

After the divorce, Atz got legal custody to keep the children. However, things went even worse; according to Jewel, Atz started to drink alcohol and became abusive, which mainly affected her.

Regarding their children’s lives, all three have succeeded to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Shane and Atz Lee is a cast of American Discovery series “Alaska; The Last Frontier” while Jewel is like her mother Leandra. Jewel is an American businesswoman, singer, author, and a songwriter.


Today, Atz Lee Kilcher’s first wife Lenedra, is still single while Atz is married to Bonnie Dupree, and both are happily living their life.

Lenedra Height and Weight.

Regretfully, there is no information regarding her body measurement, but we know she is 5’6” tall and has blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes.

Presence on Social Media.

Atz Kilcher’s First Wife Lenedra prefers privacy in her life, so she doesn’t have any personal social media accounts.

Did You Know?

  • Lenerda almost died during labor while Jewel was in her womb when the doctor forgot to put her oxygen mask on.
  • She hasn’t remarried since her divorce with Atz.
Full Name: Lenedra Carroll
Age: 67 years
Birth Date: 1952
Birth Place: Alaska, USA
Nationality: USA
Ethnicity: English
Profession: Singer, Author, Businesswoman
Spouse: Atz Kilcher (div. 1982)
Net Worth: $13 Million
Height: 5’6”

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