Tia Torres’ Husband Aren Marcus Jackson Still In Jail Or Released? Updates And Facts

Image of Tia Torres' Husband Aren Marcus Jackson Still In Prison Or Released. Updates And Facts

Many make to the headlines for convicting for felonies. Same is the case with Aren Marcus Jackson, who is an American convicted felon, famous as reality television star Tia Maria Torres’ husband. Tia is famous for the love she has for animals and appears on the Animal Planet show’ Pit Bulls & Parolees.

Today, on this particular column, we will be discussing Tia Maria Torres’ husband Aren Marcus Jackson’s reason behind being in the bars. Tia once mentioned that they had divorced, but are those divorce rumors true? Scroll down to know everything:

Aren Marcus Jackson’s Prison Sentence; Why Did He Go To Jail?

Well, Tia Torres’ husband, Aren Marcus Jackson, is still serving in the jail. Well, her spouse is arrested twice.

During their first meet, Aren was serving fourteen years-long sentences in California prison for his involvement in the shootout with Orange County Sheriff’s deputies. He was released in 2006.

Again in September 2007, Aren got arrested when he was convicted of eleven felonies that included theft, second-degree burglary, taking of a vehicle unlawfully, and even attempted murder.  He was not pleaded guilty of eleven charges.

During the time, Aren got arrested; Tia did not lose her hope and tried her best to resolve the case. In his defense, Tia claimed of her husband not guilty in the case. Even after Aren Marcus Jackson’s arrest, she stayed positive and has been supporting her husband.

Aren Marcus Jackson Release Date.

As per the court, he was sentenced for fifteen years and eight months in California prison. His sentence will end in 2022.

Pit Bulls & Parolees’ Tia Maria Torres and Husband Aren Marcus Jackson’ Married Life

Tia Maria Torres’ married life with husband Aren Marcus Jackson lasted for only a couple of years, but there is no doubt that it was a blissful one. They separated after Aren got arrested in September 2007.

To begin, Aren and Tia first met in the early 1980s’ when Tia was trying to locate the owner of the dog. When she used an online tracking site, she happened to find out Aren as the owner of the dog.

During the time, he was serving fourteen years sentence in California. He was arrested for a shootout with Orange County Sheriff’s deputies.

Image of Tia Torres with her husband Aren Marcus Jackson

Tia Torres with her husband, Aren Marcus Jackson

Even though Aren was behind bars, they fell in love and kept in touch just after the first meet. They were in a distance relationship. Soon after Aren got released in 2006, the pair quickly tied the knot on 31st October of the same year.

Sadly, the pair did not get a chance to live together for a long time, as her husband was arrested in September of the following year of nuptial. He was convicted of possession of theft of auto burglary and was sentenced for fifteen years.

Even after Aren was behind bars, they maintain a healthy relationship trying to understand each other problems and supporting each other in every step.

The couple shares a healthy bond. He has helped Tia to rescue dogs and maintain shelters for parolees. He is also the co-owner of the VRC.

Tia Maria Torres and Husband Aren Marcus Jackson’ Divorce Rumors

Aren and Tia did not let those difficulties bring negative impacts on their relationship. But there was once news that Tia and her husband are no longer together. She uploaded on her Facebook reporting that she and her husband separated around ten years ago.

As the divorce is not official, it is yet to confirm if the divorce rumors are true or not.

Tia Maria Torres Was Married Before

Many of Tia’s fans might not be familiar with the fact that she was once married before tying the knot with Aren. She was married to a mysterious man who was a cocaine addict. She was in an abusive marital life where her husband beat her in the influence of the substance.

Tia was tortured and badly treated during their couple of years of long married life. She moved out of the house but lived on a trailer on her first husband’s property for a short time.

Once, her former husband’ rooster attacked and rescued her. She was on the ground, screaming and seeking for help when her pit bull dog snapped and killed the roster. She was thankful for the incident and even got a tattoo of her dog on her right shoulder as a tribute.

Tia was also in a relationship with a gangbanger boyfriend with whom she welcomed daughter, Tania Torres.

Tia Maria Torres and Husband Aren Marcus Jackson’ Kids

To be exact, Aren and Tia share only a child. The pair has a daughter named Mariah Torres together. It is Aren’s first child, but the second one for Tia. Pitbulls and Parolees cast Tia Maria Torres gave birth to her first child, daughter Tania Torres. The father of Tania was her gangbanger, former boyfriend.

Image of Tia Torres with her kids

Tia Torres with her kids

Besides Mariah and Tania, Tia adopted two more children. She adopted twin Hawaiian brothers Keli’ I and Kanani. Her children have supported her throughout the rough times.

Short Biography about Aren Marcus Jackson

Aren Marcus Jackson was born in August 1968, and is 51 years old, as of 2019. Tia Torres’ husband Aren Marcus Jackson, was born and raised somewhere in the United States of America.

As he came into the spotlight only after marrying television personality Tia, there is no detail information on early life and childhood.

However, Aren had a troubled childhood. He was a stubborn child who has been behind bars a couple of times. He has been arrested for numerous crimes in his early teen days, as well. Aren was arrested for attempting murder, violating parole, burglary, possessing illegal firearms, stealing cars, and many others.

On the other side, her wife, Tia, who was born on 11 June 1960 in Southern California, the United States of America, also had a problematic childhood while growing up.

She grew up in a broken family and home and did not have a family of her own. So, she adopted dogs and cats and mentioned them as her family.

Tia did not mention anything about her biological parents; she, however, once said her stepmother who loved and treated her like her own daughter. She taught her life morals and disciple.

Tia lived with her stepmother and even shared a close mother-daughter bond.

Tia’s stepmother, who was a farm girl, was the one who taught her to love and treat animals well. She earlier mentioned that she and her stepmother, who had horses, used to feed and clean their horse stalls during Christmas rather than celebrating or unpacking the gifts.

Tia left the house at the age of 17 and started living on her own, facing numerous challenges.

How Much Is Tia Maria Torres’ Net Worth?

Before starting a job in serving the US Army, Tia worked as a truck driver. After leaving her job in the Army, Tia began to rescue the abandoned dogs and opened the Villalobos Rescue Center.

She and the center came into the exposure after Tia featured on the Animal Planet’s television show Pit Bulls & Parolees as a host.

Tia spends eighteen hours of a day taking care of the abandon dogs. As of 2019, Tia Maria Torres’ net worth is around $300 thousand.

During Tia’s show the eighth season, she suffered an injury in her left leg. She twisted her knee while capturing pictures of her children. She underwent emergency surgery.

Can you believe that she was not worried about the injury instead, was anxious about not being able to rescue dogs for months because of the injury?

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