Is Anna Zappia Mike Holmes’ New Wife?

Mike Holmes is a famous Canadian television host who has hosted and appearing in numerous television shows like Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, Holmes in New Orleans, Holmes 911, Holmes: Buy It Right, Holmes Make It Right, Mike’s Ultimate Garage, and more.

Besides being a television host, he is also a builder/contractor, investor, businessman, and philanthropist. This article is about Mike Holme’s Wife. Stay tuned also to meet his ex-wife Alexandra Lorex.

Is Mike Holmes Married To Wife?

After divorcing the first wife Alexandra Lorex and going through a lot of series, Mike Holmes has, however, managed to find his partner. He is currently involved in a committed relationship with Anna Zappia. They started dating since 2000 and are in a long-term relationship.

Mike Holmes and Anna Zappia enjoy a secretive but healthy relationship. Opening up about his relationship with girlfriend Zappia, Mike claims that she is not just his girlfriend; instead is a perfect companion. However, the long-term couple has not exchanged the wedding vows, but he refers to her as his wife.

Image of Mike Holmes with Anna Zapia who he refers as his wife
Mike Holmes with Anna Zappia who he refers as his wife

Many of Mike’s fans suspected that he is soon to get married to Anna and start a family soon. Sadly, the intensely secretive Mike Holmes has not disclosed anything much about his relationship. Many also speculated that he is married but did not admit the news in the media.

The pair enjoys a live-in relationship and resides in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.

Mike Holmes’ Married Life with Ex-Wife Alexandra Lorex.

Before enjoying a healthy relationship with Anna, Mike was once a married man. He was previously married to Anna, who is his childhood sweetheart. After dating for a very long time, Mike and Alexandra tied the knot in 1982. He was only 19 years old, during the marriage.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Amanda, just after four years of marriage. The duo again later welcomed two more children; son Mike Holmes Jr. and daughter Sherry.

In the 1990s, Mike Holmes had to go through a tragic time. His mother suffered a heart attack, the father involved in an accident; his company went bankrupt. In the same time, he also had t0o go through the divorce process as well.

Now, after divorce, Mike’s former wife, Alexandra Lorex has never come forward to talk about her. She maintains a shallow key profile and never opened up anything about her. Gossip mongers like Answers mentioned that she is a consultant now.

As Alexandra Lorex does not have any social media accounts, it’s quite hard to trace out information on her.

Mike Holmes, he has already moved on!

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