Sherry Holmes is Married to Blake Steed, Brain Tumor, Net Worth, Wikipedia-Bio.

Sherry Holmes is a perfect example of a person who considers her work as a plaything and not a burden. Sources close to her say that she has never wanted to stick to a single place or a company, and on the other hand, all she wants to do is travel around the world and enjoy her life. Read this to know about Sherry Holmes Brain Tumor, Surgery, and net worth in Wikipedia type bio.

Nevertheless, Mike Holmes’ daughter Sherry has made a great career out of it. Building beautiful homes around America is a skill that runs through her DNA. She is the daughter of a legendary builder.

Ms. Holmes was born in the year 1992. The names of her parents are Alexandra Lorex and Mike Holmes. She was raised by two of her siblings Amanda Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. Mike Holmes, her father, is also a very famous TV host.

Image of Sherry Holmes with his father Mike Holmes
Sherry Holmes with his father, Mike Holmes

Sherry Holmes Is Married to Husband Blake Steed Since December 13, 2018.

Mike Holmes daughter Sherry Holmes and Blake Steed got engaged on the 11th of June in the year 2017.

Blake Steed used to be one of the members in the crew of her father Mike Holmes’ show. Ms. Homes has been flaunting the ring that she received from Blake on the day when Mr. Steed proposed her.

Sherry Holmes and Blake Steed usually upload a lot of photos in the social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Nevertheless, no relationship is safe from rumors. As a result, there have been many relating to Damon Bennett and Sherry Holmes.

When Sherry flaunted her engagement ring on social media, it was rumored that Damon had popped the question. Sherry came out to clarify that she was engaged to Blake and not to Damon.

On the 14th of August in the year 2017, Sherry took it to social networking sites and posted one of the photos of the wedding of Mike Holmes Jr. By the looks of it, Blake accompanied her to the marriage ceremony of her brother.

The couple was spotted in December 2017, where people said that they have been spending quality time with each other.

After staying engaged for almost 15 months Sherry the couple decided to get married. Sherry Holmes got married to Blake Steed on December 13, 2018.

Sherry Holmes gave birth to a daughter on April 22, 2019. Her daughter name is Cali Kay Holmes Steed. She was pregnant months before getting married.

Sherry Holmes’ net worth, sources of income.

Sources say that Sherry Holmes’ net worth is entirely dependent on her venture in the construction business. She also accumulated a stiff net worth from the appearance that she made from the television show. Mike Holmes Sr. often feels that it is Sherry who has taken the whole family business to a new frontier.

Image of Residential Builder, Sherry Holmes
Residential Builder, Sherry Holmes

At the beginning of her career, Sherry made a plan of gathering a certain amount of capital which she did very quickly, but there is a little twist, and that is she was collecting money to travel around the world.

She considers herself as a genuine travel freak and going around the world was her priority. Mike Holmes Jr, her brother once remarked that Sherry never stuck to a single job for a long time. The only reason why she wanted to make money was to fund herself to travel.

Mike Holmes daughter, Sherry career took a different direction when she decided to join her family business for good. It was like a wake up her.

She entered the family business and started building beautiful houses in the city of New Orleans. It was Sherry’s family that publicly collaborated with Hollywood’s heartthrob Benjamin Button, as in Brad Pitt.

Image of TV Personality, Sherry Holmes net worth is $30 million
TV Personality, Sherry Holmes net worth is $30 million

By the looks of it, Sherry has a Net Worth of $30 million.

Sherry Holmes Tumor.

In the year 2002, while Sherry was still a child, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was detected by CT scan. Within a week, Doctors performed life-saving surgery on Sherry Holme’s tumor.

“Without question, the doctors did their jobs well, but as far as I’m concerned it was the CT scan that saved her life,”

Said Holmes.

Later Mike donated the hospital to buy CT scan machines and for other purposes.


Sherry works alongside her family members and has appeared in much reality TV shows such as Holmes Inspection in the year 2009, Holmes on Homes in the year 2001 and for the last time in the year 2012, she featured in Holmes Makes It Right.

Age 31
Net worth $30 Million
Spouse Blake Steed
Kids -NA-
Occupation Television Personality, Home Construction
Parents Mike Holmes (Father)

Alexandra Lorex (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White

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