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Chuck born as Chuck Seitsinger is one of the greatest drag racers in America. Chuck came into prominence after he appeared on the TV Street Outlaws.

Other than being one of the most loved characters on Street Outlaws, Chuck also owns a racing academy called Chuck Seitsinger Racing. Chuck’s career and net worth increased exponentially with the show.

Chuck got his inspiration from his little brother who asked him to build a race car specifically for drag racing. The drag racer managed to put a powerful and robust Chevy engine under the hood of the 1989 Ford Mustang.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger from Street Outlaws show
Chuck Seitsinger from Street Outlaws show

His choice of car from the show speaks a lot about him, the hotheads and the classic car lovers will always go for a Ford Mustang rather than choosing a Dodge Viper. When Chuck doesn’t race, people can find him at a lake as he loves to cruise in the lake and poker runs.

Chuck from Street Outlaws Net Worth and Salary

Chuck is one of the esteemed members who feature as the main cast on Discovery’s Street Outlaws. Street Outlaws is one of the most successful running TV Series on Discovery.

Because of the remarkable, talented drivers behind the mean machines, the series has been popular among the car lovers all around the world. Chuck managed to have a whopping sum of Net Worth with his racing career in the series.

Before Chuck joined Discovery’s Street Outlaws, he tried to do wonders with another project called Death Trap Mustang; nevertheless, the project was dead in the water. He also tried his fortune with the import business.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger net worth is $650,000
Street Outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger net worth is $650,000

Because of the popularity of the show, it is estimated that Chuck’s Net Worth is $650,000. Chuck currently drives a Ford Mustang which he bought in the year 1989. Chuck salary per episode is unknown to date.

One of the most notable features of Chuck’s Ford Mustang is that the racer has customized the car and replaced the original engine of Ford Mustang with a robust Chevy supercharged turbo engine. It is possible for him to do a wheelie when he revs the Mustang with Chevy engine.

Early Life before Street Outlaws.

Chuck has been certified from Honda Factory. Honda deemed him as a trained technician. Later he received the topmost level of qualification from Honda Factory and held expertise as a qualified service counselor.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger from from NDRA National Championship 2004
Chuck Seitsinger from NDRA National Championship 2004

The talented drag racer also possesses a winning trophy from NDRA National Championship which took place in the year 2004. As per sources, Chuck also became 2004’s best rookie drag racer. After a couple of years, i.e., 2006, Chuck again took home the championship cup with the help of his beloved Ford Mustang.

Chuck’s Married Life and Divorce.

Just because Chuck loves his Mustang the most, that doesn’t mean he is not going to share himself with someone else. The Street Outlaws’ revhead was once a married man. The name of his former wife has not been mentioned anywhere on the internet, but according to the source, he has three daughters with his ex-wife.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger with his wife and three daughters
Chuck Seitsinger with his wife and three daughters

Other than Chuck the sources on the internet are well aware of two names of his daughters. Chelsea K. Seitsinger, the eldest daughter of the motorhead, is more of an animal lover, and this might be the reason why she holds expertise in veterinary medicine from Oklahoma State University.

Maddie is the name of another daughter of Chuck, she is heavily active in social, and this is one of the reasons why sources were able to track her name.

This proves the Chuck is necessarily a family man and he feels that his children blessed him by being his daughters. 

Despite long married life, Chuck from Street Outlaws decided to divorce with his former wife over some reasons still not revealed to the public.

Chuck from Street Outlaws is now Dating a new girlfriend Elisa Noelle.

After the divorce from ex-wife, Chuck Seitsinger is in a relationship with a new girl Elisa Noelle. He confirmed the good news himself via social media. According to Chuck, he is dating his new girlfriend Elisa Noelle since July 2018.

It’s no surprise he chooses a soulmate who has a common interest. Yes! Elisa too loves cars.

Just Like chuck, the car of her choice is the Mustang. She has work experience in the car industry. She used to work as a designer in some car industry.

Now, Elisa Noelle owns her own design Compay in Monroe, Louisiana and the company’s name is “Urban Heart”

Just like Chuck, Elisa Noelle used to be married. Due to an abusive relationship that last over 12 years, she called quits in 2015 and had been single until she found Chuck.

Elisa has two lovely daughters with her former spouse.

Chuck: Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

None of the sources mentioned the names of the 48-year-old drag racers parents. At the age of 16 he started having a passion for cars. Chuck was born in the year 1970. The date and month when Chuck was born is still unknown.

Age 48 (1970)
Net worth $650,000
Spouse -NA-
Kids 3
Occupation Street Car Racer, Television Personality
Parents -NA- (Father)

-NA- (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White

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