Lou Santiago Wiki-bio, Net worth, Wife, age, and facts

Meet Lou Santiago, the walking automotive encyclopedia in the world of cars. He is probably one of the top 5 most sought out car builders in the whole of America. With over three decades of experience, his reputation precedes him as a valuable asset in Velocity TV’s Car Fix. The show showcases his talents in car restoration alongside his co-host, Jared Zimmerman. However, what you won’t find is Lou Santiago’s net worth, wiki-bio, age, and personal details regarding his wife and kids. Here’s the full coverage on his bio.

Who is Lou Santiago?

Lou Santiago is a car restoration specialist, television host, and former Navy seal. He is also the loving father to four children and the husband to a beautiful wife – more on that later. Other than his notable television appearances, you can also find him on Garage Insider TV, an online platform with like-minded car enthusiasts. That said, how did Lou Santiago’s passion for cars come about?

Career and TV shows

Lou grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, where he hung out with the older kids. There was Tommy Rhodes with a 69 Camaro, Louie Carnival with a 68 Chevelle and Fat George with his Ford Galaxy. By age 13, he was already interested in cars and spent most of the time with his father’s 58 Chevy Bel Air.

However, when push came to shove, the U.S. Navy recruited him to work as a Seabee mechanic. He was a valuable official with some of the best fabrication skills they had ever had in their rankings. While he worked on heavy machinery, his mind was still tuned to cars. It was in the year 1997 when he took early retirement to grow his family.

Lou Santiago trained and worked as a Behavior Management Technician for special needs children. During his spare time, he worked on building muscle cars and fine-tuning performance parts. It was here that the retired Navy seal saw an ad on TV about the position of a host and applied with the help of his brother. About a month later, he got the job and hosted Spike TV’s MuscleCar.

Image of Lou Santiago from the TV show, Ultimate Car Build-Off
Caption: Lou Santiago from the TV show, Ultimate Car Build-Off

Since 2005, the former Navy seal’s career skyrocketed into several other TV shows. These include Ultimate Car Build-Off, Cruise Down, and Velocity TV’s Car Fix, currently in its sixth season.

Lou Santiago’s net worth and salary.

Lou Santiago’s net worth doesn’t just come from his TV salary but his skills. Once he got a good thing going on in television, he had to quit his job as a Behaviour Management Technician. However, that didn’t affect his income much since he was already earning a lot from his 44 episodes on MuscleCar as its host.

Image of TV Personality, Lou Santiago net worth
Caption: TV Personality, Lou Santiago net worth

The cars he builds and repairs don’t end up as antiques; instead, he flips them and shares the profits with his partner, Jared Zimmerman. As we stand, sources point out Lou Santiago’s net worth at approximately $1 million while his salary remains shrouded in secrecy.

Lou Santiago’s married life, wife, and kids.

The Car Fix host has had one relationship that has played a pivotal role in his entire life. He married early and even left the Navy to be with his wife. She supported most, if not all, his decisions and also had four kids with him. So who exactly is Lou Santiago’s wife?

Well, the woman in question is a mystery waiting to be solved. He has gone to great lengths to keep his family out of the public eye and probably had some help too from his time in the Navy.

There is nothing on Lou Santiago’s marriage online, aside from the fact that he has a daughter about the same age as his partner, Jared. Moreover, the family is currently shacked up in their home in North Carolina. You can check out the exclusive with Automoblog here.

Lou Santiago’s age, early life, parents, and Wiki-bio.

Name Lou Santiago
Profession Car restoration specialist, Tv personality
Relationship status Married with four kids
Age 56
Birthdate May 1963

 Lou Santiago may have grown up in Long Island but pays homage to the Bronx, New York, where he was born. He was born into an average family of five, with his father Raul working as an ironworker. On the other hand, his mother was an aspiring middle school teacher.

The car enthusiast graduated from Uniondale High and pursued his passion while training with the Board of Cooperative Education Services. He would occasionally team up with his childhood BFF, Wayne Swanson, work on cars and street race.

After his brother joined the Navy, he also followed suit but retired after serving for over 15 years. Once he got back, he got his Associate’s Degree in Human Behavior at the Central Piedmont Community College. This furthered his career into the man you see today.

Social Media Activities.

Lou Santiago isn’t much of a social media person. He doesn’t own any known public accounts on social media but tags along on a few posts on the Garage Insider Instagram page. You will hardly see any pictures of his wife either, but the cars he’s built are plenty to see.


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