Meet Kyle Chrisleys’ wife Alexus Whilby, Ex-girlfriend Angela victoria, and daughter Chloe Chrisley.

Kyle Chrisley is a television and internet personality, musician, and former reality star. He is one half of the talented band, Lexi & Kyle Chrisley. The other half is his wife, Alexus Whilby.

They have released hits such as Shame on You. Kyle Chrisley has led a life marred with controversy as he has had a few brushes with the law as well. Learn more about that right here. Get to know more about Kyle Chrisley right here as we take a look at the man in detail.

Who is Todd Chrisley’s son Kyle Chrisley?

Kyle Chrisley is famous for being the son of renowned real estate mogul and reality star, Todd Chrisley. Kyle started featuring on his father’s reality show Chrisley Knows Best from a young age.

The show revolves around the family and their picture-perfect life. The series first premiered back on the 11th of March 2014. It has aired around 143 episodes so far in its impressive seven-season run.

However, Todd has only featured in two episodes. His relationship with his father soured, and Kyle left the show. Todd is a tough man to please and always expected his children to fall in line. Todd would even send his eldest son Samoa to volunteer for the Red Cross to build his character.

Image of Kyle Chrisley and father Todd Chrisley
Kyle Chrisley and father, Todd Chrisley

Kyle, on the other hand, had a problem with drugs, which sometimes caused him to behave erratically. Besides reality television, Kyle Chrisley also enjoyed a fairly successful career in music.

This came after he got together with his then-wife, Alexus Whilby, who is also a musician. His debut single, Country Baby, dropped in 2015 to critical acclaim, putting the group on the map.

The couple also has a YouTube Channel where they have released tracks such as Outta Here on the platform.

Kyle Chrisley age.

The musician, Kyle Chrisley, is 28 years old at the moment. He came into this world back on the 29th of August 1991. This means that Kyle Chrisley will turn 29 years old later this year. We will keep you up to date after his birthday.

Kyle Chrisley’s Wife is Alexus Whilby.

Kyle Chrisley is married to a woman named Alexus Whilby. She is a well-established entrepreneur and the proprietor of Home Design & Business Development.

The company is located in Georgia. Alexus was born back in 1991 and is 28 years old at the moment. Not a lot is known about Kyle Chrisley’s wife. She is a fairly private person. The only thing we could unearth from her bio was the fact that she lost her father on August 26th, 2017.

Image of Kyle Chrisley with his wife Alexus Whilby
Kyle Chrisley with his wife, Alexus Whilby

Alexus is often credited with helping her husband turn his life around. This was after years of drug use.  She got him to focus on his recovery and other things like music.

The pair would even form a music band together, going on to release several singles in the process. The happy couple also has a YouTube and Facebook fan pages for supporters of their music.

Kyle and Alexus overcame cultural differences to officially walked down the aisle back in 2014. While they have no children together yet, they do have a dog that they lived with at their beautiful home in Florida.

Their marriage was threatened earlier last year in January. Kyle sent his wife messages, which the police perceived to be life-threatening.

He was arrested by the police, leaving their marriage on the rocks. Sources say that Kyle may have relapsed again, and this was confirmed when he was arrested again in Oklahoma, this time, for drug-related charges. It remains unclear whether Alexus will stand by him again.

Kyle Chrisley, Mother.

The musician’s mother is a woman named Julie Chrisley. Not a lot is known about Kyle’s mother except the fact that she married his dad back in 1996. She was a homemaker at the time and spent her days raising her children.

Julie and Kyle’s dad would split up while he was still relatively young. While her ex-husband would go on to remarry, Julie completely dropped out of her children’s lives after he got full custody.

Image of Kyle Chrisley mother Julie Chrisley
Kyle Chrisley mother, Julie Chrisley

Kyle Chrisley has a daughter Chloe with ex-girlfriend Angela Victoria.

The former reality star has a seven-year-old daughter named Chloe Chrisley. The girl’s mother is Kyle’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Victoria. Kyle and Angela were in an on and off relationship for a prolonged period of time before Chloe was born in 2012.

Image of Kyle Chrisley ex-girlfriend Angela Victoria with her daughter Chloe
Kyle Chrisley ex-girlfriend Angela Victoria with her daughter Chloe

Many of you will be surprised to learn that neither of Chloe’s biological parents has custody of her. This is because they both faced drug charges which lost them their guardianship of their daughter. She is now under the care of her grandfather, Todd Chrisley, who is her legal guardian.

Kyle, however, filed a lawsuit back in October 2013, which enabled him to have supervised visits with Chloe. It remains unclear whether her mother, Angela Victoria, is still in the picture or not.

Kyle Chrisley Ex-Girlfriend Angela Victoria biography.

Angela Victoria is famous for her affiliation with the Chrisleys. She is the former girlfriend and baby momma of Todd Chrisley’s eldest son, Todd. While not much is known about Angela, we did learn that she hails from Iva, South Carolina. By estimation, she is in her late 20s.

Angela is the mother of Chloe Chrisley. However, she does not have custody of her daughter at the moment. Angela Victoria lost custody around the same time she was involved in a legal battle with her then-boyfriend Kyle.

Sources say that there was a lot of drug abuse and domestic violence involved, which is why both Angela and Kyle lost custody of their daughter. Presently, Angela Victoria’s social media profile states that she is single.

Kyle Chrisley’s net worth, House.

Kyle Chrisley is a jack of all trades. He is not only a musician but also a television and social media personality. As such, Kyle Chrisley has an estimated net worth of $ 300,000. This is a figure that is likely to rise or fall, depending on how Kyle manages his personal life. We will keep you updated should his net worth change in the future.

In as far as property is concerned, Kyle Chrisley is the proud owner of a 3000 square foot property in Atlanta, Georgia.

His Addiction and arrest.

Kyle Chrisley has had a long problem with substance abuse. This is something that dates back to when he was a young adult. It has put Kyle Chrisley at odds with his father a few times.

While filming the first season of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd would send his son to rehab for the first time to help manage the addiction. While he did try to recover, Kyle would eventually slip up again. Only this time, he ended up threatening his father’s life in the process.

This would back in 2013, and it would lead to him being institutionalized and monitored for observation. The incident was filed in a police report, and Kyle faced trouble with the law. It also put a strain on his relationship with his father.

A year later, Kyle met a woman named Alexus, who aided him in his recovery. For a while, the former reality star was on the mend. He even sought visitation rights to see his daughter again and also got married.

Kyle Chrisley would relapse again in January 2019. He started using drugs again, going as far as to threaten his wife via text message. The messages were severe enough to get the attention of the police, who took him to the station.

Later on, police would find him in possession of Methamphetamine and arrest him again. Kyle’s bipolar disorder and drug addiction problems have seen him brush up with the law on numerous occasions.

Estranged relationship with his family.

After he threatened his father while intoxicated, Kyle’s relationship with his family was damaged. It also did not help matters that Todd( Kyle’s father) sued for custody for Kyle’s daughter and won. This was after Kyle faced trouble with the law for his drug habits. However, Kyle Chrisley would later counter sue for visitation rights.

Kyle did not talk to his family for several years as they continued to be estranged. However, the family was brought back together by the most unfortunate of circumstances.

In August 2019, Kyle tried to kill himself. Fortunately enough, he did not succeed. The whole family would come to see him in the hospital, marking a fresh start to their relationship.

Kyle Chrisley Wiki-bio.

Full name Kyle Chrisley.
Age 28 years old.
Date of Birth August 29th, 1991.
Place of Birth South Carolina, USA.
Profession Television and Social Media Personality, Musician
Net worth $ 300,000
Partner Alexus Whilby.
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Virgo.
Parents Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley.

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