Teddy from ‘Black Ink Crew’ Net Worth, Wiki-Bio.

The black ink crew features more than artists in its group. Even though the core function of the parlour is to cater to their customer’s artistic demands, there is still some typical day to day functions that require non-artistic people to perform. This is where people like Teddy and Sky come in. Teddy from ‘Black Ink Crew’ is the assistant manager at the studio and helps in its day to day running.

As such, the man is an integral part of the crew. Read this to know Teddy from ‘Black Ink Crew’ Net Worth, and wiki-type biography.

Career Info.

Before his cousin Ceaser brought Teddy on to the show, he used to hustle in the tough streets of Harlem to survive. The star came from a low-income household, and as such, had to do all sort of odd jobs to survive.

His life completely changed once his cousin brought him on to the black ink crew to help out with the parlour’s management. During the reality show’s foray on screen, Teddy was a part-time player.

He was seldom seen on screen, usually appearing as a minor character on the Black Ink Crew.

Image of Teddy from Black Ink Crew show
Teddy from Black Ink Crew show

The man’s popularity steadily rose, and after seven seasons on the show, he is now a major character on it. Managing is not easy, and Teddy has had to put in a lot of hard work to help his cousin ensure that their establishment thrives. So far, they are doing good.

Teddy from Black Ink Net worth.

VH1 is a reputable network which is known to pay its employees very well. This is not surprising as reality shows usually make a fair bit of money. This is because they have become increasingly popular over the past decade, raking in millions and millions of followers. Sharif ‘Teddy’ Homer’s net worth is $ 50,000.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Teddy net worth is $50,000
Black Ink Crew cast Teddy net worth is $50,000

This, as mentioned above, stems entirely from his time on screen. Teddy also earns additional income from managing his cousin’s tattoo parlour in Harlem.

The shop is fairly successful, and even though we do not have exact figures, we are sure that the man must earn a good salary. The star also has over 950,000 followers on Instagram.

This makes his page a very enticing place for advertisers. As such, he is undoubtedly paid to advertise a few products and services here and there from time to time. This helps to boost the Ceaser from Black Ink Crew’s net worth.

Teddy from Black Ink Relationships.

Unlike his cousin Ceaser, whose past relationships were constantly played out in the eyes of the public, Teddy is a more private person.

As such, we were not able to find most of his previous partners. From the show, however, we do see him flirt with several women, most clients, some part of the crew. But again, this might just be an act carried out to boost ratings.

Reality television, after all, can be best describe as drama without the conventional script. As a result, we have to take everything we see on screen with a grain of salt.

Teddy was also reportedly rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with his co-star, Sky, whose real name is Jo Keita. But again, we cannot confirm this as both of their love lives are private.

 Age and Wiki Bio.

Full name Sharif Homer ‘Teddy Ruks’
Age 36 years old.
Date of Birth January 26th, 1983
Place of Birth  Harlem, New York, USA.
Profession Businessman, Reality television star.
Net worth $ 50,000
Wife Unknown
Kids Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

 Sharif Homer was born on the 26th of January, 1983, in the city of New York. More specifically, he grew up in the streets of Harlem. Teddy is 36 years old at the moment. Information on his family and childhood was fairly limited.

What we were able to determine, however, was that life must have been difficult growing up for the star. This is because he came from a low-income household. As such, he had to apply his trade on the rough streets of Harlem to survive.

Blood proved thicker than water when his cousin Ceaser got him off the streets and put him to work in his tattoo studio in Harlem. Teddy has repaid his cousin’s faith by putting himself to work and ensuring the parlour continues to thrive.

His foray into reality television has helped him build a better life for himself, and his family, something which he remains eternally grateful for.


From rags to riches, though cliched, would be the perfect way to describe Teddy’s life. He has gone from hustling in the streets to managing one of the most successful tattoo studios in New York City. We hope to continue seeing more of him on the show.

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