Roger Cook Health Update. Heart Attack, Cancer, Limping, Illness.

It is roughly more than a year since Roger Cook, a landscape contractor from PBS, hit us with a letter. For those of you not aware, let’s bring you up to speed. For over three decades Cook had appeared on PBS’s home restoration program, This Old House. However, in June 2018, he mysteriously left to deal with his health issues and has been off the radar ever since. Now before you get all worked up, don’t worry; Cook is still alive. So what is he suffering from? Check out what we have dug out on Roger Cook’s heart attack, cancer, and his limping update.

Roger Cook Heart Attack

In total transparency, the reality star issued a plea for complete privacy regarding his health in the letter. Meaning, he didn’t declare what was wrong with him. Regardless, there are a lot of WebMD’s out there who came up with some possibilities.

For starters, there was an unconfirmed report that Roger collapsed on the set of TOH. Though the executives at PBS did a great job at keeping it under wraps, the word still got out. Allegedly, a heart attack caused him to collapse. We don’t know what happened down there but rest easy; he came around for an episode or two.

Nonetheless, he did leave in the end, which could mean one thing. The possibility of another incident was highly likely to occur, and he didn’t want to take chances, especially in front of rolling cameras. We hope to hear good news from his cardiologist.

Roger Cook Cancer

While some media outlets went with the heart attack story, others dwelt on Cancer. Besides, we all know that cancer treatment takes a long time; the same time frame depicted in his absence. Overall it was an excellent story to chase.

Additionally, fans keeping tabs on Roger’s activity have revealed that it is only active on Twitter. He is not keen on other platforms like Facebook and the photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Instead, he only shares pictures on Twitter.

Image of This Old House cast Roger Cook had a cancer
This Old House cast Roger Cook had a cancer

Now, this is a big leap, but you will have to bear with us. Over the last year, he has uploaded tons of pictures on the platform but none of himself. Suffice to say; cancer patients undergoing treatment in most cases suffer from hair loss. The general assumption here is that he is probably having a hard time coping and does want to share it with the world.

Limping and other Illnesses

Similarly, new conspiracy theories came up with the idea that he may have Parkinson’s disease. For those who aren’t familiar with the illness, it’s a neurological disease which mostly affects the nerves. Some general observations of a person with this disorder include muscle stiffness, sluggishness, and impaired balance, among others.

On one of the episodes of This Old House, fans quickly noticed that he had a limp on his left leg. Moreover, there was also cause for alarm when he depicted a generally slow pace. If you ask anyone, this is probably the most accurate WebMD diagnosis of all the three. However, the facts are still elusive

Roger Cook Health: How is Roger Cook Doing now?

This Old House is up and running on season 40, and Roger is nowhere near its filming. The general landscaper takes his health very seriously, and his leave shows just that. Similarly, the fact that he isn’t back yet also suggests that it’s not all good. At least not yet.

Nonetheless, taking a look at his Twitter reveals that he is back at it on typical general landscaping projects. All we can do is join rest of the world in prayer for his health hope for a quicker recovery

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