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Chris Dave is one of the popular characters of Street Outlaws, and he goes by the name Kamikaze Chris in the show. Kamikaze debuted as a street outlaw when the third season of Street Outlaws began. He is an integral part of the show. As such, his popularity has gradually boosted his net worth.

The history of the name Kamikaze didn’t say a good story, and when someone from Discovery Channels named a character as Kamikaze, well this might indicate that Chris Dave is an atrocious and at the same time a fearless drag racer.

This is precisely what Chris Dave aka Kamikaze Chris is. He had a long and extensive career in car racing, and during his young Daves, he used to indulge in dirt bike racing. Know Kamikaze’s net worth right here.

Kamikaze Chris Net Worth ( $ 300,000) and Annual Salary

Chris Dave aka Kamikaze let go of the love he used to have for dirt bike and moved on to embrace the career of a car racer. The period of transition awarded Kamikaze Chirs the popularity and fame that he currently has around the globe and most importantly in America today.

Image of Kamikazi from Street Outlwas cast net worth is $300,000
Kamikaze from Street Outlaws cast net worth is $300,000

By the looks of it, Chris Dave ‘s net worth is $300,000, which he earned from his TV series. Kamikaze receives a salary of $30,000 every time he features in a single episode.

Kamikaze wife, Married Life and Relationship

People have always wondered what kind of person is Kamikaze Chris in real life. Given that he is one of the raw and talented racers on the show, he likes to keep two of his worlds apart from each other.

This, in turn, makes Chris, a very enigmatic person. He keeps his life utterly private. There are rumours which suggest that Kamikaze Chris does not have a woman in his life; nevertheless, this is something that is going to stay unclear even now.

Image of Kamikazi from Street Outlaws show
Kamikaze from Street Outlaws show

Friendship with Big Chief and Flip.

Kamikaze has been a long-time friend of another street outlaw, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer. Their unfathomable friendship is the reason why both of them feature on the same TV Series together.

Chris “Kamikaze” Dave is the sole reason as to why Justin got his street racing name as Big Chief. After he featured in Street Outlaws, Kamikaze Chris turned down his dirt bike to own a car, and he then upgraded his car to get on with the street racing in Discovery’s Street Outlaws.

Image of Kamikaze friendship with Big Chief
Kamikaze friend Big Chief

Vehicle of Choice

Kamikaze has a car, and he calls it El Camino nevertheless everyone else on the show calls the car ‘The Elco.’ The car “The Elco” was previously owned by another racer named Flip, Tyler “Flip” Priddy.

Tyler was a friend to both Big Chief as well as Kamikaze. The deceased car racer was one of the cast members who featured in the Street Outlaws’ first season. He was one of the spectacular racers in the TV Series.

Previous Owner of El Camino

But the sad thing about Tyler was that he passed away because of an untimely death. It was Big Chief who took it to his shoulders to find a new driver for “The Elco” and later gave Tyler’s prized possession, his car, “The Elco.” Chris Dave sprang at the opportunity and featured as a street drag racer in Street Outlaws.

Kamikaze Chris Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

The pieces of information related to Chris Dave’s personal life, parents, date of birth, siblings are currently unknown.

But Kamikaze revealed that he was raised in the blue-collar household area in the city of Oklahoma. Kamikaze Chris remarked that his family was impoverished. The best clothes in the family were the ones that were stained worn due to excessive use in the previous year.

Age -NA-
Net worth $300,000
Spouse -NA-
Kids -NA-
Occupation Street Car Racer, Television Personality
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


Given that Chris “Kamikaze” Dave didn’t bring his personal life to public eyes, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a personal life. Kamikaze has a whopping net worth of $300,000.

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