Christina El Moussa Net worth in 2019. Her Age and Measurements, height, Ethnicity and Nationality

From being a prominent housing business contractor to co-hosting one of the top TV realities, Christina El Moussa has seen it all. Starting her career just after college, Christina has a unique investing strategy called house flipping. Her television show “Flip or Flop” revolves around the same strategy and shows the up and downs of the ex-couple. Know Christina El Moussa Net Worth in 2019,

Who is Christina El Moussa? 

Christina started her career in real estate just after college. She was married to Tarek El Moussa, and the couple has recently gone through their divorce. But while the couple was together, they successfully ran a real estate company known as “Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group.”

Image of Christina El Moussa Estate Agents Tarek and Christina The El Moussa Group.
Christina El Moussa Estate Agents Tarek and Christina The El Moussa Group

Their first business partner was Pete De Best, and together they made their first investment of $115,000 from which they gained $34,000, and since then they have been expanding their business into Arizona and Nevada. Apart from her real estate business, Christina makes a hefty profit from her TV reality show as well as her real estate training workshops.

Christina El Moussa’s Net worth.

Christina El Moussa’s Net Worth is $6 Million. She racks a salary $10,000 per episode from her show Flip or Flop. Some key points about her current lifestyle with her new husband, Ant Anstead include:-

Image of TV Personality, Christina El Moussa net worth is $6 million
TV Personality, Christina El Moussa net worth is $6 million
  • Their new $4.1 Million home in California is nothing that you have ever seen. The lady who sells dream homes is now living in her dream house. Tareks $2.28 Million mansion stands still in front of the newlywed couple’s new home.


Image of Christina El Moussa house
Christina El Moussa house in California
  • The sleek and transitional background of the house was remodeled back in 2016. Both the bedroom and the bathroom were the recipient of HGTV’s design award.
  • The master bedroom is enormous and sports vaulted ceilings and white walls, making the room bright and full of natural light.
  • The kitchen is huge and sports a lot of free space. The kitchen has had a large marble top, making it suitable for family gatherings.
  • The backyard is a treat to eye with rock slide, waterfalls, a large heated saltwater pool, and a mini putting green.

How tall is Christina El Moussa?

Christina is quite beautiful1 and stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall. She maintains a healthy physique of 58 Kg and has a slim body type.

Image of Christina El Moussa height is 5 feet 9 inches
Christina El Moussa height is 5 feet 9 inches

Wiki-bio, age, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Christina Meursinge Haack was born on July 9, 1983, in Orange County, California. She attended schooling in southern California and started her career in real estate as soon as she completed her college. She was married to Tarek El Moussa and recently had their divorce completed.

Image of Christina El Moussa ex husband Tarek El Moussa with their kids
Christina El Moussa ex-husband Tarek El Moussa with their kids

She then moved ahead with Ant Anstead’s life. The couple had their wedding bells recently in December of 2018. Ant is a former police officer while he takes an interest in soccer. He got his shot to fame with Channel 4’s “For the love of cars” and BBC’s “Building Cars Live” and “Wheeler Dealers.”

Keeping aside her professional life, Christina has a son and a daughter from Tarek, namely, Taylor and Brayden. She is also the stepmother of Amelie and Archie, the children of Ant Anstead.

Image of Christina El Moussa with her new husband Ant Anstead.
Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead.

Christina’s ex-husband Tarek has been fighting with cancer from 2013. For the treatment of the disease, he has to undergo several radiation therapies. Radiation therapy affects the fertility of the person. Among many speculations, it is believed that Christina divorced Tarek for this issue.

With books like “The Girl on the Train,” “Before I Sleep,” “Eat Pray Love” among others, Christina is an avid lover who loves books which are full of suspense and encouraging words.

The star has been quite secretive about her early days and her family. It is interesting to know that Christina has a younger sister. Carly Haack, who is diametrically opposite to her. While both of them have similar facial structures and both the ladies look quite beautiful, Carly is ten years younger than Christina and lives in Australia, where she is studying marine biology.

Age 36  (July 9, 1983)
Net worth $6 Million (Estimated)
Spouse Ant Anstead, Tarek El Moussa (Ex)
Kids 4 (Taylor and Brayden and stepmom of Amelie and Archie)
Occupation TV host, Realtor
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


Blessed with four great kids, a caring husband like Ant Anstead and a net worth of 6 Million Dollars, Christina has seen it all and has lived her life with extremes.

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