Sky from ‘Black Ink Crew’ Net worth, Age, Sons

Sky from “Black Ink Crew’ has been with the crew right from the onset, making her one of the core members. Sky’s real name is Jo Keita and she was born on the 19th of September, 1983 in Harlem, New York. This makes the reality star 35 years old today. We were not able to find the names of her parents. Read ahead to learn her net worth, family, age, and facts about her sons and family.

Sky Black Ink Crew Net Worth.

Being a reality star can be time-consuming and draining, but the rewards often make it worth it. On average, cast members on reality television can earn on the upwards of $ 10,000 for every episode they appear in. Jo ‘Sky’ Keita’s net worth is reportedly $ 50,000.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Sky net worth is $50,000
Black Ink Crew cast Sky net worth is $50,000

Most of this comes from her stint on the show, as well as her time on the black ink crew. She has served as their receptionist for several years now, and this puts her at the center of it all.

Besides reality television and the tattoo parlor, the star has also featured on publications such as Ok magazine. Sky has also been involved in one or two acting projects in the past. This has helped to enhance her net worth and build her wealth.

Career info.

Before Sky burst on to the reality television, she was a run of the mill make up artist. A lot of hard work and an equal amount of determination saw her land a gig on the Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

The show was an instant success when it premiered in January 2013 on the VH1 network. It has amassed a large following in its seven seasons run so far, and this is mostly down to the personalities of crew members such as Sky.

Image of Sky from Black Ink Crew show
Sky from Black Ink Crew show

To say that she is popular would be an understatement. Sky works as a receptionist in the tattoo parlor in Harlem, helping Ceaser and the rest of the crew manage their high-end clientele.

Her popularity on the show saw her grace the covers of several prestigious magazines. Riding on this wave of popularity, she would also go on to star in the film, Sacred Famous. She would also feature in the Hip Hop Square in 2012, marking an exciting time in her career.

Relationship status and history.

Sky has held her relationships close to herself. As such, it is hard to find out who she is dating if she is even dating in the first place. After all, her experiences dealing with men when she was younger may have put her off them. She got pregnant when she was just fourteen, and this may have made her wary of men ever since.

Meet Sky from ‘Black Ink Crew’ sons.

Shockingly, the reality star gave birth to both of her boys when she was just fourteen. Her kids’ names are Dessaline and Genesis. It is unclear as to who the father of the boys is.

Image of Sky (Jakeita Days) with her son Genesis
Sky (Jakeita Days) with her son Genesis

Sky has never revealed his identity to the public. When the boys were born, Sky’s mother told her daughter to put them up for adoption as she would not be able to take care of them.

She had a point, as the girl was only fourteen years old at the time. At that age, most still children are going to school and playing with their friends, not giving birth to and raising children.

Age and wiki bio.

Full name Jo ‘Sky’ Keita
Age 35 years old.
Date of Birth Septemeber 19th of 1983
Place of Birth  Harlem, New York, USA.
Profession Reality television star, receptionist, actor, make up artist.
Net worth $ 50,000
Husband N/A
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Nothing much is known about her childhood, except that she got pregnant when she was just fourteen. Growing up in Harlem must not have been easy, as it is considered one of the toughest places in New York. But Sky worked hard to provide for herself and her family.

This saw her eventually join the Black Ink Crew where she has since thrived. Sky from “Black Ink Crew” became an instant fan favorite, and this has seen her feature in all seven seasons of the show.

She takes no prisoners attitude is very entertaining to watch on screen, and it has seen her popularity grow rapidly. So much so that it even earned her a role in a movie and a cover on the Ok magazine. Her movie, Sacred Famous did relatively well, even though it did not get a theatrical release.

It gave Sky the chance to express herself on screen, and show her fans a side of her they had never seen before.

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