Sean Whitley aka Farmtruck: Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki-bio

Sean Whitley popularly known as Farmtruck serves as one of the prominent racers who feature on Discovery’s Street Outlaws. The TV series is one of the original series of discovery. There is a reason why he is called Farmtruck in the show, and the reason is that the races on Street Outlaws with his fully customized 1970 Chevrolet Pickup Truck C-10. Read this to know Farmtruck’s Net Worth, His wife, and Wiki-Bio.

Farmtruck is also one of the original cast members of the show, and he has appeared in the show since 2013. His popularity and favoritism among the audiences have garnered him an extravagant wealth.

When Sean Whitley doesn’t drive the truck with his sidekick Jeff Bennett in the street outlaws, he serves as a critically acclaimed gearhead in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Image of Farmtruck from Street Outlaws show
Farmtruck from Street Outlaws show

Sean is one of the prominent drivers in the world who didn’t come into limelight for driving a Gallardo or a Maserati, and he did it with an old Chevrolet truck.

Street Outlaws Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley Net Worth.

It is hard to deny the fact that where Sean aka Farmtruck is in the Street racing industry, he made it on his own. He found his break with one of the most popular and expensive TV series around the globe. Farmtruck net worth is increasing with his age.

But sadly the salary of Farmtruck hasn’t been revealed to the world yet, but sources claim he earns about $15,000 per episode from Street Outlaws. Farmtruck also owns a merchandise store in Oklahoma.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Farmtruck net worth is $2 million
Street Outlaws cast Farmtruck net worth is $2 million

In the extensive career, Farmtruck has gathered a surmountable amount of cash, and most of his net worth came from his feature in Street Outlaws other than his merchandise store. After his debut in the TV Series, his merchandise shop became one of the to-go places in Oklahoma.

As of 2019, Farmtruck’s net worth is $2 Million.

Farmtruck: Married to Wife or Not?

There have been several rumors about the acclaimed drag racer. One of the rumors was that Farmtruck was considered to be gay because of his relationship with his protege, Farmtruck is not gay; the rumors were nothing but a false alarm.

Image of Farmtruck neither married nor gay, but he is single
Farmtruck neither married nor gay, but he is single

Sadly, none of the media outlets, racing community, or the critics of the show have put tabs on Farmtruck’s wife and his family members. He is quite an enigmatic person who makes people want to know more about him. Some outlets even think that Farmtruck has never been married in his entire life.

As of now, things are very much uncertain if he is even having children of his own because even in his interviews, he never spoke about Street Outlaws Farmtruck’s wife or family or his parents. Like most of his cast members, Farmtruck is also a self-made man.

Farmtruck: Relationship with his Protege AZN

According to facts, Farmtruck came in contact with AZN when he decided to get into the races. Later Farmtruck got hold of a 1970 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck which he received from one of the ads on Autotrader Magazine. Then, something happened, and he decided to partner himself with AZN.

Image of Farmtruck with his partner AZN
Farmtruck with his partner AZN

They are best of friends after they collaborated for the first time in Street Outlaws. The relationship is also extremely professional between the two drag racing drivers.

When Farmtruck gets behind the wheels, it is AZN who steals the show with his wit and smart talks. Together the protege and the mentor own an automotive studio as mentioned above, the studio is called as Farmtruck and AZN shop. They run it together even in the year 2019.

Farmtruck: Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

As per sources, there have been quite a lot of things that nobody knows about Farmtruck such as his Date of Birth, mother, and father, wife, siblings.

Age -NA-
Net worth $2 Million
Spouse -NA-
Kids -NA-
Occupation Street Car Racer, Television Personality
Parents -NA- (Father)

-NA- (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White

Farmtruck is a very successful drag racer, and he has a whopping $2 Million.

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