Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini’s Married life, Biography, Net Worth.

College romance does not work much. Many promises are broken with many tears being shed post the demise of the ambitions of La La Land. The office romance is even worse. One small mistake and you get stuck with someone whom you don’t like much. But beating all these dramas, there’s a couple in the Atlanta who has matched all the expectations and are still the sweethearts since the college days.

The couple works together and is happily married for more than 18 years. The couple is non-other than the founders of Red Barn Houses – Ken and Anita Corsini! Writing about Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini’s married &life biography is simply sweet. Let’s have a look at the life of this couple.

Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini’s Married life and Kids

The power couple graduated from the same university, University of Georgia. Anita was in a study group with Ken’s roommates. According to Ken, he would always pick up the phone first in order flirt for a few minutes whenever Anita called.

Image of Ken Corsini with his wife Anita Corsini
Ken Corsini with his wife, Anita Corsini

According to Anita, she always had the perfect picture of her man. Ken fulfilled the criteria of being tall, dark and handsome. At the same time, she found Ken’s sense of humour and values quite impressing, leading her to fall in love with him. Speaking of kids, Ken and Anita have three adorable kids – 2 girls and a boy. The family regularly posts a picture on their social media accounts, revealing the fun and lovely sight of their family.

Image of Ken Corsini wife Anita Corsini with their kids
Ken Corsini wife Anita Corsini with their kids

Their career in Flip or Flop Atlanta

As per a source, Ken and Anita together founded a start-up named Red Barn Homes. The company deals in real estate. They buy homes, renovate them and sell for higher prices. Anita’s design skills with Ken’s business skills combined made their start-up super successful. Till now, they have bought and sold more than 700 homes.

Image of Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini from Flip or Flop Atlanta show
Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini from Flip or Flop Atlanta show

But the couple rose to fame with the TV reality series Flip or Flop Atlanta. The series focusses on Ken and Anita’s work itself. They broadcast the entire process of renovation, inspiring people to go for more and more designer homes. The show features on HGTV.

Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini’s Net Worth

The real estate market is vast. Also Anita’s and Ken’s TV series is a popular hit among the audience. According to some sources, the couple has a sizeable net worth of $ 12 million.

Image of TV Personality, Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini net worth is $12 million
TV Personality, Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini net worth is $12 million

Anita Corsini Age, Ethnicity, Nationality and Bio

Born on 7th March 1977 Anita Corsini is a renowned entrepreneur in the field of real estate. She shot to fame with the HGTV reality show called Flip or Flop Atlantic. She is 41 and a mother of 3.

Anita was born and bought up in North Carolina, U.S. She graduated from the University of Georgia with her husband, Ken. Her husband calls her “Persian Beauty” indicating Persian or Iranian heritage. She currently works with her husband as a renovation contractor. Her ethnicity is in doubt; most likely Anita has a mixed background.

Age 42(7th March 1977)
Net worth $12 million (Estimated)
Spouse Ken Corsini
Kids 3
Occupation TV Host, Contractor
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed

Ken Corsini’s Height: How tall is Ken Corsini?

The star is tall, dark and handsome in terms of his spouse Anita’s words. The TV personality stands at 1.83 meters tall or around 6 feet tall with an excellent physique.


Ken Corsini’s Age, Wiki-Bio

Ken comes from San Jose, California with his birthday on 28th October 1976. At the time of writing this article, he is currently 43 years old. Ken who has an undergraduate degree of Business management in Risk Management is an entrepreneur.

He started his business of renovating and designing old houses during his college days. There he also met with his lady love and went on to spent his entire life with him. In terms of her wife, Ken is tall, dark and handsome. Ken belongs to white ethnicity. He is very secretive about his parents as well as his early life.

Age 43 (28th October 1976)
Net worth $12 Million (Estimated)
Spouse Anita Corsini
Kids 3
Occupation TV Host, Contractor
Parents NA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


With a beautiful wife like Anita and at a net worth of $12 Million, the Corsini family is undoubtedly at the helm of their life, making their life attractive with each passing day.

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