Jill Rhodes Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio, and Facts about Sean Hannity’s Wife.

Jill Rhodes is Sean Hannity’s wife. Sean Patrick Hannity is a 58-year-old talk show host with close ties to the white house. The Long Island, Adelphi University graduate, is a close personal friend of the American president. He has enjoyed a prolonged stay on television, featuring on shows like Hannity& Colmes and Trump’s Special. The veteran host’s republican views have often drawn criticism from others.

His wife, Jill Rhodes, is also a former journalist and Republican. Know more about Sean Hannity’s spouse as we bring you her full biography in this review. Get acquainted with Jill Rhodes’ net worth and age.

Who is Jill Rhodes?

Jill Rhodes is a news personality, writer, and editor. The University of Alabama graduate’s first job came when the Huntsville Times hired her. She was brought on as a columnist and political writer. A gradual rise in the industry eventually led to her discovery by WVNN. Interestingly enough, it was her future husband who did the discovering. He was working at the company’s radio station.

The two started working together on various stories. However, at the time, their communication was limited to voice mails and phone calls. They eventually covered a highly contentious mayoral debate in Huntsville together. Sean Hannity’s wife later moved to New York with the rest of her family. Here, she got a job as a book editor in Manhattan. She edited several books before eventually deciding to retire.

Image of Author, Jill Rhodes
Caption: Author, Jill Rhodes

Jill Rhodes also authored a book titled ‘National Security Law: Fifty Years of Transformation.

The Manhattan book editor wanted to spend some time with her family. Her work was not done; however, as being Sean Hannity’s wife came with its own set of responsibilities. The 57-year old former journalist has been photographed accompanying her husband to several republican events and rallies.

Jill Rhodes Age, Date of Birth.

The National Security Law writer was born on August 27th, 1962, in Alabama. She is 57 years old at the point of writing. Most journalists are logical, practical, and systematic in everything they do. The same can be said about Virgos, which coincidentally, is Jill’s star sign.

Educational Background.

Sean Hannity’s wife is a graduate of the University of Alabama. She studied journalism while at the institution, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the process. While she does not talk about her high school days, we can assume that it was located somewhere in Alabama.

Jill Rhode’s Net Worth.

The 57-year old Huntsville journalist Jill Rhodes has enjoyed a successful career in the world of journalism. Not only did she work at the Times, but also as a writer and editor. Jill Rhodes’ net worth sits at $5 million. Her husband makes significantly more than this. It is reported that he is valued at $90 million; this, of course, comes from a yearly income of $36 million.

The couple’s significant earnings have enabled them to live lavishly. They own a large mansion in Long Island, for instance, and it is valued at just under $4 million. It is not the only exotic property they own, as they have invested in real estate even in Africa!

It brings us to another interesting point. With houses all over the world, you need to travel frequently, right? Well, this is not a problem for Sean and his wife as they have a private jet!

Life as Sean Hannity’s Wife.

The former Huntsville Time’s writer met Sean back in 1991. At the time, she was still green in the industry but showing a lot of potentials. Her husband-to-be picked up on this and reached out to her.

The two started partnering up and working together on different stories. Surprisingly, they only communicated through phone calls. They did not meet until much later when they both had to cover a high-profile event.

Image of Jill Rhodes with her husband Sean Hannity
Caption: Jill Rhodes with her husband, Sean Hannity

Their attraction was instant, as they shared a lot of common interests, notwithstanding, a common political affiliation. A wedding followed soon after, much to no-one’s surprise. The two walked down the aisle back in 1993, with their loved ones in attendance.

The couple’s son Patrick was born in 1999 in Alabama. Presently, he is set to turn 21 years old. His sister, Merri Kelly, followed three years after him. She is an up and coming pro-tennis player who just turned eighteen. Jill Rhodes and her husband have been married for 27 years. Their marriage has had its fair share of problems.

Image of Jill Rhodes with her kids Merri Kelly and Sean Patrick Hannity
Caption: Jill Rhodes with her kids Merri Kelly and Sean Patrick Hannity

Back in 2013, sources claimed that the two were on the verge of getting a divorce. At the time, it was rumored that Sean had caught the eye of a few other women. However, the 50-years of transformation writer chose to stick by her man.

Four years on, and her loyalty was tested again. A political analyst named Debbie Schlussel accused her husband of sexual misconduct. In her statement, Sean Hannity had allegedly asked her to come to his hotel room. Debbie refused, after which she was never welcomed back on the show.

The Huntsville Columnist stood by her husband again. Notably, Debbie took back most of her accusation, and Sean, subsequently, did not face any backlash.

Jill Rhodes Wiki-bio.

Full name Jill Rhodes-Hannity.
Age 57 years old.
Date of Birth 27th August 1962
Place of Birth Alabama, USA.
Profession Former Huntsville Times columnist, Author, Editor
Net worth $5 million
Husband Sean Hannity
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Under review.

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