Sean Hannity’s Daughter Merri Kelly Hannity Wiki, Bio, and Facts.

Merri Kelly Hannity is Sean Hannity’s daughter. Sean Hannity is a New York-based television personality and political commentator. He is renowned for his conservative views, as well as his work on numerous shows. The veteran host’s long run in television saw him feature on Bombshell, Hannity & Holmes, and Let There Be Light. Controversy stalked the 58-year old journalist all throughout his life.

His friendship with POTUS Donald Trump often draws questions towards his impartiality. Sean is the father Merri Kelly Hannity, an aspiring young athlete. Get to know more about the Fox News journalist’s daughter here.

Who is Sean Hannity Daughter Merri Kelly Hannity?

Merrie Kelly Hannity is a celebrity child and up and coming tennis player. It is a sport she took up right from an early age. Today, the young American athlete is known for her tenacious and hardworking exploits on the court. All of her coaches only have good things to say about her, and with a record of 15-9, it easy to see why.

She is presently part of the Cold Spring Harbor Senior Class of 2020. The teen athlete’s most notable achievement came in 2016 at the Nassau Tennis Finals.

The Politic commentator Sean Hannity’s daughter was only in the 9th grade when she beat Courtney Kowalsky of Oyster Bay; the finals took place on the 17th of October 2016.

Image of Tennis Player, Merri Kelly Hannity
Caption: Tennis Player, Merri Kelly Hannity

Presently, the young sports personality regularly competes at the Magic Lincer Tennis Club of Manchester. She has had matches against the likes of Olivia Dorner and Esha Velaga.

With an ambition to become pro-tennis player, it comes as no surprise that she idolizes the likes of Naomi Osaka

How old is Merri Kelly Hannity?

Sean Hannity’s daughter was born back in 2002 and is 18 years old currently. There are no details regarding her exact date of birth.

She is the daughter of conservative Television personality Sean Hannity and former journalist Jill Rhodes. Her mother was a former writer at the Huntsville Times. The 18-year old athlete has one sibling; Sean Patrick Hannity.

Image of Merri with her mother Jill Rhodes, father Sean Hannity and brother Sean Patrick Hannity
Caption: Merri with her mother Jill Rhodes, father Sean Hannity and brother Sean Patrick Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Net worth.

Being only 18, the young tennis player does not have much in regards to net worth. After all, she is still in high school. We can, however, get a sense of her family’s wealth by looking at her father. Just recently, Sean Hannity was listed as one of the highest-paid television presenters still working.

Image of Tennis player, Merri Kelly Hannity net worth
Caption: Tennis player, Merri Kelly Hannity net worth

He reportedly makes $36 million every year from his work on Fox News. He also draws revenue from his multiple films and book sales.

As we write, Sean’s net worth currently stands at $90 million. Merri Kelly enjoys the lavish lifestyle that comes with this impressive wealth.

A look at Merri Kelly’s social media.

The American tennis player is active on Instagram. Our research shows that she has a following of 1,311. Her channel is however set to private. The Instagram handle links us to another social media site, VSCO. We found several pictures of Merri Kelly and her friends. She even appears to be particularly close to one boy who might be her partner.

It remains speculation as she has not confirmed that she is dating anyone. From all accounts, she seems to be focused on becoming a pro tennis player.

Merri Kelly Hannity wiki-bio.

Full name Merri Kelly Hannity.
Age 18 years old
Date of Birth 2002
Place of Birth Long Island, New York, USA.
Profession Tennis Player
Net worth N/A
Partner N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes

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