Kortney Wilson Is Dating Boyfriend Ryan. Kenny is Not Her Boyfriend.

Kortney Wilson is a home designer and actress who currently stars in the HGTV show ‘Making it Home.’ The show is a continuation and rip-off of the original series ‘Masters of Flip’, where she featured with her ex-husband Dave Wilson. It’s been almost two years that the Canadian singer/actress divorced her husband of 18 years. And the fans want to know if the actress is dating someone new or back together with her ex-husband.

This article discusses whether Kortney Wilson is dating a new boyfriend or back with Dave Wilson in 2021.

No, Kortney and Dave Wilson are not back in 2021

Masters of Flip fans adored the ex-couple. And as much as we all would like to see them regroup, Kortney and Dave Wilson are not back in 2021. The couple separated in good terms and stated to remain a family. They made the announcement through an Instagram post of Kortney.

Moreover, Kortney shares the pictures of her ex-husband in her Instagram handle. But they are not back in 2021 and just share a friendly relationship.

Kortney and Kenny are Not Dating.

Kortney and Kenny are the new starring members of the HGTV show ‘Making it home.’ Kenny Brian is a handsome man who shares good chemistry with Kortney. Furthermore, we can also see Kortney feature him in some of her Instagram posts. Many fans are vying to know if the duo is in a relationship as Kortney is no longer married.

However, the dating rumors of Kortney and Kenny are false. Kortney is already in a relationship with another man, which we shall discuss in the following paragraph.

Kortney Wilson New Boyfriend Ryan

In June 29, 2021, Kortney shared a romantic picture on her Instagram. It was her first picture with ‘Ryan.’ Many fans and followers speculated it was a new start. However, she didn’t approve the assumptions until July, when she finally introduced the man.

In another Instagram post, Hgtv Kortney introduced her boyfriend Ryan to her followers. And scrolling through the comments and reading her replies, it’s obvious that she is head over heels for the guy. Many are congratulating her for a new start, while others talk about how gorgeous the couple looks. After almost two years of her divorce, the actress is finally ready to share a glimpse of her private life.

Image of Kortney Wilson with Boyfriend Ryan

In Aug 2021, she shared another picture with her supposed boyfriend. Even if anyone had any doubts, this definitely cleared it up as the duo can be seen hugging and sharing intimacy. Furthermore, she also had a ring in her finger, which some fans assumed to be her engagement ring. However, she denied the question sharply. With a new start, Kortney is giving love another chance in her life. We wish for her happy times and hope this one lasts forever.

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