Josephine Judith Baeumler: Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s Daughter (Youngest Child) is a Future Horse Racer.

Josephine is the youngest of the four children of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. She was born on November 28, 2012, and is eight years old as of 2021. Just look at how cute she is in her just-born picture posted by her father. Josephine was five years old when she appeared in her parent’s HGTV series Island of Bryan.’ Moreover, she features in ‘ Renovation Island’ that premiered in 2020 and ‘Renovation Inc.’ in 2021.

Today, we provide a short biography on Bryan’s youngest daughter, Josephine Baeumler.

Josephine Judith Baeumler Biography

Josephine’s parents are among the most famous faces of Canadian Television. Her father, Bryan Baeumler, is a builder, renovator, TV host, and owner of various renovation companies. While her mother, Sarah Baeumler, is also a television celebrity and an interior designer by profession. The couple also owns a resort in the Island of Bahamas.

Like all her other siblings, her mother Sarah home-schooled her. She enjoys her childhood in the Island, making lots of memories with her siblings and parents. Furthermore, this little girl is the only member of the Baeumler family who is not a certified diver.

Josephine is an adventurous little girl. She loves playing and doing adventurous activities with her father, Bryan. Moreover, the gorgeous little lady is also into equitation like her eldest brother Quintyn. In this video, Josephine plays around with a skeleton sculpture of a whale with her dad. Bryan calls her ‘The Whale Princess’ in the video.

Josephine Judith Baeumler is just 8-years-old and hence is not active in any social media platforms. However, she appears in her parents’ social media feeds more often than her brothers and sisters. Bryan has recently posted a picture of his little girl in his Instagram, winning her second position ribbon in her first ESP Summer Series.

Bryan posted a picture of his little girl, Josephine in Instagram

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