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Joe Woods’s Real name is Dominator. He got this name after delivering a sedan in that ’60s.  He has received a lot of accolades being the part of the Discovery channel’s street outlaws. He has had a keen interest in cars for a long time.

He got his first car in the age of 13, and from then he has been associated with much of the reality shows. Let dig into Street Outlaws driver Joe “Dominator” Woods’ life a bit and uncover his personal life, average annual salary from various sources, net worth and many more.

Image of JJoe Woods from Street Outlaws show
Joe Woods from Street Outlaws show

Dominator Net Worth $1 Million.

Joe woods have been in this industry for a very long time. His career certainly didn’t start with the street outlaws. But the fire ignited in his young teenage. Joe bought his first car at the age of 13. That was a 1956 model Chevrolet. And then he not only started driving cars but also he started to fix them.

He likes to work on both new and old cars. He was known for his tuning and customizing capabilities. He used to race on street and tracks. He had a great passion for racing and just knew no bounds. His first car was a 1967 Dodge Dart, and he completely rebuilt it by hand in a very limited budget.

Apart from driving and racing, Joe Woods also has great skills in welding and engine mastery. His very first appearance in the race brought a lot of criticism to him. Many said the car is merely a rolling chassis. But the times have changed, and now it’s no less than a masterpiece. He had built it with a great passion and had invested everything into it, to make the swap.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Joe Woods net worth is $1 million
Street Outlaws cast Joe Woods net worth is $1 million

As per the source, the net worth of Joe “Dominator” Woods is estimated to be around $1 Million. There is no exact information available about the average annual salary that Joe Woods draws from the show.

Joe “Dominator” Woods’ Married Life

There is no significant information available about his married life. Being a less known personality out of the racing streets there is very less known about his personal life.

Dominator Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

When strolling through the street outlaws, Dominator is a well-known name. Dominator is also known as Joe Woods. He was born in this automotive world.

His father has greatly inspired him. In his childhood days, his father had once told him if he wants to own a car, then he must first learn how to fix it and also to make it faster.

Dominator’s first car was 1956’s Chevy. According to facts, he bought this car when he was only 13 years old. And still, then he has been fixing racing and muscle cars. Joe is also in the racing avenue for a long period. He has been doing it on and off the track too.

In the prevailing time, his car in the street outlaws is a 1967 Dodge Dart. He has rebuilt the car himself. The car also has a car cage. When he introduced the car, it was likely to be no more than just a rolling chassis. But with time, it now happens to be one in the top 5.

He is at this time one of the top five racers on the show. He is well-defined with his affection for car rebuilding and racing also that’s what has kept him moving ahead on even after the end of the reality show.

He has got over 1.5 million followers over Facebook only. But outside the racing streets, he remains unknown.

Age N/A
Net worth $1 Million
Spouse N/A
Kids N/A
Occupation Racing Driver
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

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