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The show Gold Rush is one of the most popular series about gold mining being aired on the discovery channel. But have you ever wonder -who is the man behind this highly content journey? Yes! He is none other than Jack Hoffman, the creator of Hoffman Crew. Let us have an idea, how did he manage to come so far. Read this to know Jack Hoffman’s net worth in wiki type bio. Meet his wife Georgia Hoffman and their Kids.

Jack Hoffman Wiki.

Jack is one individual man behind this gold rush. He formed the group of 6miners in Alaska and is also the father of Todd Hoffman. Jack is one of a member of the gold rush who is known to be very hard working.

He belongs from Sandy, Oregon. He fled to Alaska to built his dream of working for gold mining. Currently, he is 72 years old, born on the 15th of September. But his age doesn’t define his caliber and he is very passionate about gold mining.

Jack Hoffman has been working in mining for almost 25years now. He has seen darkness and thunderstorm arising together in his life. But he never gave up on his gold mining journey, for which he has the support of his family too.

He is one of the strongest and brave hearts in the Hoffman crew. His ability to cross all the limitations has such an effect that people call him Gold Rush Jack Hoffman.

Image of Jack Hoffman from the TV reality show, Gold Rush
Jack Hoffman from the TV reality show, Gold Rush

He believes in do and die situation and is ready to sacrifice his life for his dream. Besides all this, he is also a self-made man who previously served in the military and is always active in his local church.

Jack Hoffman Death.

In the past years, there was a rumor going on about Jack’s death. It was just the confusion and chaos being occurred. Actually, a 7years old kid with the same name (Jack Hoffman) was suffering from pediatric brain cancer.

And he also went through several surgeries. So basically, it was just a confusion. The gold rush legend, Jack Hoffman is not dead, he is alive and doing fine in his life.

Image of TV Personality, Jack Hoffman is still alive and fti
TV Personality, Jack Hoffman is still alive and fit

Jack Hoffman Net Worth.

He has come far away with his talent and skills. Jack Hoffman’s net worth is $250,000. In the 7th season of the gold rush, jack had freed more than 1100 ounces of gold with his son. This concludes that the father and son duo is really a gold digger.

Image of TV Personality, Jack Hoffman net worth is $250,000
TV Personality, Jack Hoffman net worth is $250,000

Jack Hoffman believes in his instincts and gut feelings rather than depending upon plans and strategies. This makes him different and unique from the rest of the crew.

Jack Hoffman’s Wife and Children.

Jack Hoffman’s wife’s name is Georgia Hoffman. She is the woman who has been the backbone of her husband in his struggling days. They have a son named Todd Hoffman and a daughter, Tamra Hoffman. Georgia and Jack’s love for each other is a true example for a couple goals. Jack and wife Georgia Hoffman are also the grandparents of two children now.

Image of Jack Hoffman with his wife Georgia Hoffman
Jack Hoffman with his wife Georgia Hoffman

There was a time in Jack’s life where he was almost on the verge of losing everything while running for his dream.

But his son, Todd helped him to achieve his dream of gold mining in the 2nd attempt successfully. It’s difficult to believe that Jack Hoffman’s son had been his support system as Todd is referred to be the rudest person in the crew.

Anyway, the father-son duo has come far away with more than 6000ounces of gold and is in chasing mode for more.

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