Jeff Bonnett “AZN” Family, Married, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Biography

AZN’s real name is Jeff Bonnett. Presently, the man is one of the most famous racers on the hit reality show, street outlaws. The 38-year-old racing sensation started racing right from a very young age, in the city of Oklahoma. His hometown boasts some of the very best racers in the world.

Jeff’s racing career began with racing in the streets of Oklahoma City. But he got his international fame when he started to act as one of the casts of the ‘discovery channel.’ He was a part of the show ‘street outlaws.’ Let’s uncover some of the hidden sections of his personal and professional life. Know more about Jeff Bonnett’s net worth, annual salary, and wife right here in this article.

AZN: Net Worth ( $ 300,000) and Annual Salary

Everyone in the world would admit that speed driving can be of high risk and even at times, it may claim your life too. But the cast and crew of the show ‘street outlaw’ gets a considerable amount of annual salary and fame for playing with this risk. T

hese racing drivers earn a tremendous amount of money in regards to salary. It makes their net worth higher than anyone in the similar industry. There is no official confirmation about the annual wage of Jeff AZN Bonnett. Some rumours leaked that he gets almost $20,000 per episode of the show.

From this, Jeff Bonnett’s net worth is estimated to be close to $300,000.

Image of Street Outlaws cast AZN net worth is $300,000
Street Outlaws cast AZN net worth is $300,000

Early Life

Jeff Bonnett’s life began in the city of Oklahoma. He started his education at one of the schools in Oklahoma City. His inclination towards the racing industry was from a very young age.

First Car

Jeff Bonnett bought his first car in the year 1964. It was a Chevy II Nova. He had bought it for $2800. His father paid the money for the car, and he paid it back too. At this time, he doesn’t own the same car anymore. He had sold it.

Image of AZN from Street Outlaws show
AZN from Street Outlaws show

The Oklahoma native currently owns a 1966 VW Bug. The racer christened it “The Dung Beetle.” He has made changes under the hood. He had installed a turbocharged engine which generates about 1000 HP.

The 38-year-old reality star always had a fascination for business. Jeff Bonnett was also pretty good at graphic design, boasting vast experience in the field. He had earned a living from this and also was appreciated by many.

AZN Girlfriend

The star doesn’t make his private life public. Jeff Bonnett has kept all of his personal affairs away from the media and the public. He has never shared anything about his love life at any place.

Till now, he is not married to a wife. He has been in a long relationship with his girlfriend, Leesa Lacey.

Image of AZN with his girlfriend Leesa Lacey
AZN with his girlfriend, Leesa Lacey

On the contrary, Leesa is married, and she also has a daughter from her relationship. False and baseless rumours spread that Jeff Bonnett was dating his racing partner Farm truck. The news was not accurate as AZN is not gay.  


 AZN Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

As per sources, Jeff AZN Bonnett was born in the year 1981 on the 3rd of August, in Oklahoma, United States of America. He is now 38 years old.

He is of American nationality and belongs to a mixed race-ethnicity. His father is Denis Bonnett, and his mother is Motsu Bonnett.

Denis was born in America, and he served during the wars with Vietnam, whereas his mother Motsu is from Taiwan. Jeff’s parents had two kids, one of them is Jeff, and the other is his elder sister, Brenda Bonnett.

Image of AZN with her sister Brenda Bonnett
AZN with her sister Brenda Bonnett


Jeff AZN Bonnett lost his parents at a very young age. His mother had to struggle with cancer, and she died when Jeff was only 16 years old. His father died in the year 2001. He was suffering from a heart-related ailment.

In the show street outlaw, AZN and Farmtruck are well known to be from a single team. Farmtruck is responsible for racing, and Jeff Bonnett does the smack talking.

They met each other in the streets of the 405, and soon they became friends and move ahead to start working as a team in the race events.

In the show street outlaw event, Jeff Bonnett is responsible for technicalities and public speaking whereas his teammate Farm truck takes part in the race. They have been one of the best team in all the events of ‘street outlaws.’

Age 38 (August 3, 1981)
Net worth $300,000
Spouse N/A
Kids N/A
Occupation Racing Driver and TV cast of Street Outlaws
Parents Dennis Bonnett and Motsu Bonnett
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian


Jeff AZN Bonnett has been one of the most successful street outlaw racers. He is estimated to possess a net worth around $300,000, and he is not yet married to a wife. He is still dating his longtime girlfriend.  

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