Impractical Jokers Salary and Net Worth 2019.

Impractical Jokers is one of the American reality series that was aired on television in the year 2011. It was live on TruTV. This reality series comes from the house of NorthSouth production house. The reality show, Impractical Jokers, revolves around four members of the comedy troupe – The Tenderloins. The members intimidate each other.

On the contrary, the show differs from some prank shows that are being aired on the television. The Impractical Jokers completely rely on witty humor and not just on farce or crude comedy. The Jokers have been one of the most successful long-running shows.

Impractical Jokers Salary: How much do Impractical Jokers Make?

In this year, they are going to premiere their eighth season, which will have 26 episodes. The show is going to live on the 28th of March 2019. As per the confirmation from TruTV, it is evident that they are even planning for Impractical Jokers featured length movie.  It’s high time to know about all the cast of this successful show, apart from that, let’s also get into their lives and Impractical Jokers Cast Salary.

Impractical Jokers Sal Vulcano Salary, Net Worth.

Sal Vulcano happens to be one of the leading American producer and actor. He has been a part of Impractical Jokers for a long time, and apart from that, he is also known for being a part of the New York Comedy troupe, The Tenderloins. Sal was born in the year 1976 on the 5th of November. Sal Vulcano is now 43 years old. His nationality is American, and ethnicity is white.

He was also a part of the St. John’s University for pursuing an academic scholarship. He has got a degree in finance, then after his career in acting and performing began to fly high. He starred in one of the video short super dude and friend in the year 2005 and then in the same year he also starred in TV short Criss-Cross. In the subsequent year, he appeared in ‘Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy.’ Sal also appeared in ‘The Tenderloins,’ which premiered in the year 2009.

Image of Impractical Jokers cast Sal Vulcano net worth is $5 million
Impractical Jokers cast Sal Vulcano net worth is $5 million

And from them, Vulcano has been serving as the executive producer of the Impractical Jokers, and he also stars in the TV series. Despite the fact, he is an executive producer of the show; he also plays the role of comedian and writer.

More than 32 million viewers watched the first season of the show. Sal has also hosted a Tenderloins podcast entitled ‘What Say You.’ He has also been an associate of Imagine Dragons. He was one of the alternatives of the metal band – ‘Senora Lanza.’

Sal Vulcano gets a salary of $50,000 per episode of Impractical Jokers, and his net worth is estimated to be around USD 5 Million.

Impractical Jokers James Muray Salary, Net Worth.

James Murray happens to be one of the founding members of the troupe Tenderloins. The Troupe Tenderloins released the well-known comedy show ‘Impractical Jokers.’ James was born in the year 1976 on the 1st of May. He was born in Staten real name is James Murr Murray.

He is an American national. All the members of the troupe Tenderloins met in their high school times. But after completion of their high school studies, they all parted their ways. But later they all amalgamated to start the comedy troupe.

As per sources, the net worth of James Murray is estimated to be $1 Million. Amidst all the members of the Impractical Jokers group, James is one of the high – income recipients. His sources of income are from the comedy performances in the impractical jokers as well as from the tenderloins.  

James Muray got into a marital relationship with Jenna Vulcano, Sal’s sister. All of them are the part of the Impractical Jokers troupe. But they are no more in a relationship. They have got divorced. And later Jenna Vulcano announced that he is gay.

Image of Impractical Jokers cast James Murray net worth is $1 million
Impractical Jokers cast James Murray net worth is $1 million

James had participated in a challenge, and there he had to eat dog feces for USD 290. He has been in association with The tenderloins; Sal Vulcano, Mike Boccio, and Joe Gatto. For being a part of the Impractical Jokers show, he gets a salary of $50,000 for every single episode. His overall net worth is estimated to be close to USD 1 Million.

Impractical Jokers Quinn Net Worth $500,000. Know his Salary.

For his followers, he is not Brian Quinn, rather than he is well known as ‘Q.’ He is a part of a well-known American comedy troupe ‘The Tenderloins.’ He has been very active in the television industry. Along with his troupes, he has appeared regularly in the famous primetime comedy television series.

He joined the troupe in the year 2011. The best part of his attitude, which most of the audience like, is the impeccable comic timing. He is even known for his craziest pranks, that can be every imaginable. His net worth is $500,000.

Image of Impractical Jokers cast Quinn net worth is $500,000
Impractical Jokers cast Quinn net worth is $500,000

Before entering into the field of television, he was a firefighter. It took a long time to get fame. But his determination towards the same is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

He has also got a huge fan following among a number of the comedy-buffs. This is for the reason that he always comes up with something that is out of the box and draws the attention of the audience. He has been in a lot of different places, like form the pranks to sketches, from live shows to some of the webisodes.

But the one thing that’s common in all the formats is that he has amused the audience. He has also proved the worth of his comedy in all the arenas, and this is his greatness.

Impractical Jokers Joe Gatto Salary, Net Worth.

Another cast of Prank show “Impractical Jokers” Joe Gatto is a renowned actor, comedian, and producer. His real name is Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr. He was born in the year 1976 on the 5th of June on Staten Island, NY, USA. Joe Gatto is now 43 years old. He is one of the founding members of the best comedy troupe of America – ‘The Tenderloins.’

Joe holds a degree in accounting. His career in acting began in the year 1999. And from them, he has been the part of six seasons of the Impractical Jokers show. He has also made guest appearances in some different reality shows. Some of them are ‘The View,’ ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ ‘Katie’ and many more.

Image of Impractical Jokers cast Joe Gatto net worth is $5 million
Impractical Jokers cast Joe Gatto net worth is $5 million

In the present day, Joe Gatto has developed to be one of the greatest known figures of the American television world. Despite the fact, he is so popular; he remains very down to earth. He has been in associations with many charities and social reform campaigns.

He has got a huge fan following over the social media platforms. Joe has over 797K followers on Instagram and then about 850k followers on Twitter. He gets USD 50,000 for every single of the Impractical Jokers. His overall net worth is estimated to be more than $5 Million.

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