Alex Jones Ex-wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols, son Rex Jones.

Alex Jones is a broadcast personality, filmmaker and conspiracy advocate. He is known for his far right views, most of which are on full display on his radio series, ‘The Alex Jones Show.’ He has worked on films like The Obama Conspiracy and The Road to Tyranny. The 46-year-old Texas native was once married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols. She is the subject of our review today. Learn all there is to know about Kelly Rebecca Nichols and their son Rex Jones. Find out if Alex is dating anyone at the moment.

Who is Kelly Rebecca Nichols?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is a renowned Travis County born animal right’s activist. She works for the organization known as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The organization was founded back on March 22nd, 1980 in Rockville, Maryland.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her employers work to expose all the different animals that subject animals to cruel testing and abuse. They strive to shed light on the animals that are abused in testing facilities, clothing and food industry, and even the entertainment business.

Kelly’s career in advocacy took off a short while after completing her studies. She made the move to Virginia, where she joined PETA. A gradual rise in the organization eventually saw her lead the Public Relations Department. She would also be put in charge of media relations a short while later. Kelly Rebecca is not just a figurehead in the department. She has been part of a few publicity stunts that were aimed at raising awareness on animal suffering.

Image of Caption: American animal rights activist, Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Caption: American animal rights activist, Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Kelly once threw a tofu-filled pie at Oscar de la Renta, who is a fashion designer. This was in protest to the use of fur in the industry. Alex Jones’ ex-wife is also credited with an infamous incident that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York. Kelly marched into the hotel, dead raccoon in hand, and slammed it into the table of an unwitting Anna Wintour. At the time, she was in charge of Vogue Magazine, which is a highly acclaimed fashion magazine.

Kelly’s antics eventually translated into a career in print media. She made the cover of several magazines, doing interviews that put PETA on the map in the process.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ Net worth.

Sources say that Kelly Rebecca Nichol’s net worth presently remains undisclosed and under review. This is not surprising as she works for a non-profit organization. A look at her ex-husband’s net worth, however, and the divorce settlement she received will give us an insight into her finances.

According to the latest reports, Alex Jones is worth an estimated $10 million. Before his divorce from Kelly Rebecca Nichols was finalized, the judge ordered the broadcaster to pay $3.1 million as part of the settlement. It is fair to say that Rebecca is not doing bad at all in regards to her finances.

Image of Caption: Animal right activist, Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Caption: Animal right activist, Kelly Rebecca Nichols

 Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ Age, Date of Birth.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols came into this world on the 2nd of July 1968 in Travis County, Texas. This makes her 51 years old at the point of writing. In regards to her star sign, she is cancer.

Kelly Rebecca’s Family.

She is the daughter of Sandra Kay Heiligman and Edmund Lowe Nichols. Kelly grew up in a Jewish family with two other siblings. These are Jill Elizabeth and James Edmund Nichols. Their father was a high-ranking diplomatic for the American government back in the day. In the early 90s, the family faced a crisis as Kelly’s father was incarcerated for violating federal law.

Kelly Rebecca Nichol’s relationship with Alex Jones.

Kelly Rebecca and Alex Jones officially tied the knot back in 2007. Not much is known about the progression of their relationship at the start. We did, however, learn that Kelly played a big part in helping Alex build his brand. This came as no surprise as she was an expert in public relations. Consequently, the two were partners not in marriage alone but also a business. Kelly used her skills in media to help Alex grow InfoWars.

Image of Caption: Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her ex-husband Alex Jones
Caption: Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her ex-husband Alex Jones

This was the platform he used to air his far-right and controversial views. It would be prudent to note that after they were officially married, Kelly Rebecca changed her name to Violet Jones. Kelly and Alex have three children together. Their relationship took a hard hit in 2013 after it came to light that Alex had had an affair with a woman named Lee Ann McAdoo. This prompted Kelly to file for a divorce, which took two years before it was completely finalized. What followed next was a prolonged custody battle for their kids.

Kelly wanted full custody of the children, citing that Alex Jones was an unfit parent and a danger to their children. However, the judge handed him visitation rights.

Alex Jones son Rex Jones.

Rex Jones is one of three children that Kelly Rebecca and Alex Jones had while they were married.  While information about the young man remains scarce at the moment, we estimate him to be in his mid-20s.

In as far as a career is concerned, we learned that for a period of time, he worked for his father at InfoWars. After his parents separated though, the relationship between the two grew strained. This was made clear when a video surfaced of Alex Jone’s son Rex Jones being very critical of the gun control policy.

Is Alex Jones dating or married to anyone now?

After his split from Kelly Rebecca Nichols back in 2015, the controversial radio host remarried again. While there is not a lot of detail about her, we did learn of her existence after an incident that occurred last week. According to reports, she called the police after a domestic dispute with Alex Jones. He was later picked up as he drove under the influence.

Kelly Rebecca Nichol’s Wiki-bio.

Full name Kelly Rebecca Nichols.
Age 51 years old.
Date of Birth 2nd July 1968
Place of Birth Travis County, Texas, USA.
Profession Animal Rights Activist, PR and Media director at PETA
Net worth Under review.
Partner Alex Jones (ex-husband)
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Parents Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman.

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