Tyler McLaughlin Sister Marissa McLaughlin Age, Wikipedia Biography and facts.

Tyler McLaughlin is a ship captain, giant bluefin tuna fisherman, and television personality who has made his name on the show wicked tuna. This article, however, will focus on his younger sister, Marissa McLaughlin.

The Suffolk University graduate is not only skilled at public relations but is also a proficient fisherman. She has gone on numerous fishing expeditions alongside her brother, Tyler. Learn more about Tyler McLaughlin’s sister, Marissa, as we take a closer look at her life. The article will examine her bio, wiki, and all relevant facts about her.

Marissa McLaughlin’s Age.

Marissa McLaughlin was born on April 17th, 1990, in Rye Beach, New Hampshire. This would mean that she turned 29 years old as of 2019. She is the daughter of Marty McLaughlin, who is the president of McLaughlin Transportation, a company he founded back in 1973.

Who is Tyler McLaughlin’s Sister, Marissa McLaughlin?

Marissa McLaughlin is famous for being related to reality television star, Tyler. She is presently an employee at Mayflower Moving. This is a company set up by Conrad M. Gentry and Don F. Kenworthy back in the 20s. Presently, it has over 271 locations worldwide. The company offers real estate moving services.

Before this, she had a job with the Regan Communication Group. This was an internship at the Coastal Angler Magazine, which she got immediately after college.

The publication was based in Boston, Massachusetts. Tyler McLaughlin’s sister Marissa McLaughlin is also an active philanthropist. She has donated money to several charities, which include the Impact Living Services.

Image of TV Personality, Marissa McLaughlin
TV Personality, Marissa McLaughlin

Marissa McLaughlin also regularly sets out to fish with her brother Tyler. She is, in fact, part of the Pinwheel team alongside her brother. The two have been lauded on numerous occasions for bringing in some extremely large fish.

The largest recorded fish they caught was a huge giant bluefin tuna that weighed over 800 pounds. This was documented by the Large Pelagics Research Center back on the 3rd of August this year.

Tyler McLaughlin’s sister Marissa is also a first mate and regularly features on the show Wicked Tuna, alongside her brother. The fishermen on the show go out in search of giant bluefin tuna fish.

The show first premiered back on the 1st of April 2012. Its near-decade run has seen the show accumulate over eight seasons and 134 episodes in the process.

While not as high up in rank aboard the ship as her brother, Marissa is as passionate as anyone else on the crew.

Marissa McLaughlin’s Net Worth.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Marissa McLaughlin’s net worth as it is still under review. This is because she is a relatively private person despite being a part-time television personality.

We were able to discover several sources of income, however. For one, sources say that the cast of the wicked tuna makes an average of $ 10,000 for every episode they feature in for National Geographic.

Check back for more information on Marissa McLaughlin’s net worth as we will update the article with any more relevant news.

Marissa McLaughlin’s wiki.

Full name Marissa McLaughlin
Age 29 years old.
Date of Birth 17th of April 1990
Place of Birth Rye Beach, New Hampshire, USA.
Profession First mate on Pinwheel, television personality, Employee at Mayflower Moving
Net worth Under review.
Spouse Unknown
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Marty McLaughlin (father)

There is not much information regarding her mother. However, we did learn that her parents were still married. Marissa grew up alongside a brother, Tyler, in New Hampshire. Their father would take the two sailing and fishing on numerous occasions, as is evident in the numerous pictures he has posted on his profile.

It is safe to say that fishing is something that runs in the family. Even so, Marissa has a diverse range of interests. In as far as her educational background is concerned, Marissa enrolled in Suffolk University in 2009, graduating four years later with a degree in Public Relations.

Since she is a fairly private person, there is no information regarding her romantic life. As such, we have no idea whether she is dating someone at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates.

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