Tanked Cast Agnes Wilczynski Married ? Her age, Wiki, bio, and facts.

Agnes Wilczynski is a Poland-born, American media personality known from the reality show, Tanked, that airs on Discovery Planet. She works in Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a company that manufactures aquariums for its clients. The reality star works as a sales representative for the company, helping them to come up with cost estimates for its clients and bidding quotations.

The show follows the exploits of the business and the personal lives of the company’s staff, which include Wayde King, Brett Raymer, and Irwin Raymer. Learn more about Agnes’ career and own life in the paragraphs below.

Is Agnes Wilczynski married?

The reality star appears not to be married or dating as there isn’t any information she has provided about her dating life or dating history. She has managed to keep her private life under wraps. She doesn’t have kids either.

Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth and income sources.

Her wealth is sourced from her job income as a sales rep in Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). She also earns revenue from being part of the main cast of the show, Tanked.

Her previous job working in sales at a local Ferrari dealership named, Wynn Resort, is also said to have earned her great money. Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million.

Image of TV personality, Agnes Wilczynski net worth
Caption: TV personality, Agnes Wilczynski net worth

She is also the founder of a blog called Beach Boats Bungalows, as seen from her Instagram page, where she has described herself as Founder @beachboatsbungalows. The page helps her sell merchandise with various catchy messages and phrases.

Career Info.

The reality star’s career was a deviation from her training as a hairdresser. She juggled hairdressing and real estate. Later on, she became a car salesperson, as aforementioned above. During her work in a local Ferrari dealership in Las Vegas, she met with Wayde King, who would be her future boss.

Her aim was to sell Wayde a Porsche, but it turned out the two would even interact more because shortly afterward, she got a job with Wayde’s company, ATM.

Image of Agnes Wilczynski from the TV show, Tanked
Caption: Agnes Wilczynski from the TV show, Tanked

Agnes Wilczynski age.

The Polish star was born in 17 May 1977, in Poland. She is 42 years old. Both her parents are native polish. She is a Taurus Zodiac. Just like most Taurus personalities, Agnes is ambitious, practical, and determined, judging by the success she has had in her career.

The star moved to the United States when she was six years old with her family and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she still resides.

In her blog named Beach, Boats, Bungalows, she tells us about her early life writing,

“My story starts as so many….immigrant, 6-year-old girl fleeing a politically corrupt, communistic country, Poland to be specific. I left Poland on a TWA jumbo jet with a one-way ticket to Vegas, stepped off the flight in 1983, and have run with my fortune ever since.”

Agnes Wilczynski Instagram, social media profiles, and activities.

The 42-year-old television personality is active on Instagram with 19.3 K followers. She loves posting photos of her family members, friends, and co-workers. The star loves the beach life as she has a good number of photos enjoying the beach life with her friends on vacation.


The entrepreneur writes about her love for the beach lifestyle in her blog, saying how blessed she feels to have people in her life that love the beach-boats-bungalows-lifestyle.

She then adds that she loves how peaceful and calming warm beaches are to her, how pleasant the waves crashing against the shore sound, and how she gets mesmerized by sunsets.

Agnes Wilczynski loves the sound of motorboats roaring away and the sensation of the wind blowing through her blonde hair.

She also has a photo of her visit to Disneyland with her friends, where she urged her followers to post pictures of themselves wearing Mickey Mouse ears, as every photo like that would get a $5 donation from Disney to Make-A-Wish Foundation in celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday.

Agnes also is a fan of ice hockey as she has photos of her in an ice hockey game, cheering her team on with the caption, “Here we go!!!.. #goknightsgo…” The star is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Image of Agnes Wilczynski cheering in ice hockey game
Caption: Agnes Wilczynski cheering in an Ice hockey game

Agnes Wilczynski wiki, biography.

Full name Agnes Wilczynski
Age 42 years old.
Date of Birth 17 May 1977
Place of Birth Poland
Profession Reality tv personality, entrepreneur, Sales representative
Net worth $5 million.
Partner Single
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Unnamed

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