Daniel John Gregory [MacCallum’s Husband] Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Kids.

Daniel John Gregory is Martha MacCallum’s husband. Martha Bowes MacCallum is an author, television personality, and host of America’s Newsroom. She has been with the Fox News network for the last 16 years now.

The 56-year old journalist is the writer of books such as Unknown Valor and Sacrifice from Pearl Harbor. The Fox News anchor has featured on several other shows.

Some of them include The First 100 Days and The Story with Martha MacCallum. Here will be the focus of the following paragraphs. Get some insight into his kids’ life and bio.

Who is Daniel John Gregory?

Daniel John Gregory is a self-made entrepreneur. He is the VP of Gregory Packaging Incorporation that provides packaged food products.

The Company offers chilled, date-coded, frozen, and shelf-stable juice products. Daniel’s company deals with foods and beverages; most of their customers include schools, day-care centers, and even prisons.

Gregory Packaging has several working warehouses spread out across the country. The company additionally partnered with Suncup, who is a reputable juice company.

Image of VP of Gregory Packaging Incorporation, Daniel John Gregory
Caption: VP of Gregory Packaging Incorporation, Daniel John Gregory

Notably, this was a business set up by his father, Edward R. Gregory, back in 1922. Daniel’s vast experience in business comes from his extensive educational background. For high school, he went to Father Judge High School.

Martha MacCallum’s husband followed this up by enrolling at Villanova University, where he took up a course in business. He was evidently being primed to take over the company one day. Mr. Gregory also attended St. Lawrence University, pursuing a second degree.

How old is Daniel John Gregory?

Daniel John Gregory was born in 1963. By the end of 2020, he will have turned 57 years old. Information regarding the exact date of his birthday remains scarce. The Gregory Packaging VP, however, is the same age as his wife, Martha.

Married Since 1992 and Have 3 Kids Together.

Daniel is the husband of Martha MacCallum. She is one of the top anchors on the Fox News Network. Her work in journalism has seen her host some high profiled interviews. She has questioned the likes of Barrack Obama and John McCain.

The happy couple reportedly met at Villanova University. At the time, Daniel was studying business while his soon-to-be better half was taking a course in journalism. The connection they shared was strong, and it led to the two datings.

Image of Daniel John Gregory with his wife Martha MacCallum
Caption: Daniel John Gregory with his wife, Martha MacCallum

By the 22nd of August 1992, Martha and her spouse were walking down the aisle. They tied the knot at St. Elizabeth’s Church, which is located in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Twenty-eight years on, and the two are still together. It has not always been smooth sailing for the self-made entrepreneur and Fox News anchor.

A few years ago, news surfaced that they were on the rocks. As the story goes, Martha allegedly had a fling with her co-star, Bill Hemmer. It was never proven, however, and the three are still together. Martha and Daniel have two children together. These are Elizabeth Bowes, Edward Reed, and Harry MacCallum Gregory.

Image of Daniel John Gregory kids
Caption: Daniel John Gregory kids

Daniel John Gregory’s Net Worth.

Martha MacCallum’s husband is the VP of a prominent packaging company. Sources say that the average salary of a vice president in the US ranges from $150K to $200K on the high end. Presently, Daniel John Gregory’s net worth is $1 million.

It pales in comparison to his wife’s earnings. As of this year, Martha was earning about $700,000 a year from her work with Fox News. It puts her net worth at $8 million. When they pull in their income, the couple can afford a great lifestyle for themselves.

Daniel John Gregory’s Wiki, Bio.

Full name Daniel John Gregory
Age 57 years old.
Date of Birth 1963
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession VP of Gregory Packaging Incorporation
Net worth $1 million
Partner Martha MacCallum
Kids 3
Parents Edward R. Gregory and Cecelia Dohen Gregory
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height 5 feet 10 inches.

Daniel John is the son of Edward R and Cecelia Gregory. Both of his parents are deceased. His father was the founder of the company Daniel now works for. Cecilia Cohen, on the other hand, was a philanthropist and a very skilled piano player.

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