“Life Below Zero” Sue Aikens Net Worth, Husband, Kids, Wikipedia, Bio.

Many people have a successful marriage, while some are unlucky in it. Today, we are going to discuss Sue Aikens, who is also part of the show, Life Below Zero. Let us find out where is Sue Aikens is now, and what is she doing? You will know Sue Aikens Net Worth here, and also you’ll also know about her failed married life, ex-husband, and Children in Wikipedia type biography.

Who is Sue Aikens?

As we are already familiar, Sue Aikens is one of the lead members of the Bravo Series, Life Below Zero. Her full name is Sussan Ruth Aikens. Sue was born on 1st July 1963 in Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States. She is the descendant of Scottland and Caucasian by ethnicity.

Sue Aikens’s parents got separated when she was just 12 years old. Her custody was given to her mother, and she used to reside in Fairbanks of Alaska. Because of her rough childhood, she learned to use guns and bullets instead of toys with friends.

Image of Sue Aikens from the TV show, Life Below Zero
Sue Aikens from the TV show, Life Below Zero

It made her much stronger than she has improvised in her lifestyle today. Apart from being a television star, she is a fabulous hunter too. She resides 197miles away from the Arctic Circle. She runs a Kaviv river camp from June to September and provides her customers with food and accommodations. Life Below Zero cast Sue Aikens charges $350 per day for her service.

Sue Aikens Net Worth, Salary Per Episode.

Sue Aikens’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Along with Sue, every cast of Life Below Zero earns $4500 per episode they perform.

Sue Aikens’ salary the show is $50,000 per season on average. Though her fame journey began with this show in 2013, her bank balance has been added from other shows too. She was the part of the ‘Flying Wind Alaska(2011-2012), and Sarah Palin’s Alaska(2010).

Image of TV Personality, Sue Aikens net worth is $500,000
TV Personality, Sue Aikens net worth is $500,000

Sue Aikens Husbands and Failed Marriage.

In one of her interviews, Sue confirmed that she had been married thrice. Her first husband died of a brain tumor. After this, Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens married Eddie James Aikens on the 13th of June 1987.

Sue Aiken’s second husband was a British man, and their married life lasted for 17 years. They used to reside in Portland, Oregon, and Eddie used to work as a barber there.

After that, the duo got divorced in 2004 as Eddie was after a young chick. But they remained friends until Eddie passed away in 2009.

Sue and Eddie have a son and a daughter. As per the sources, her third marriage is secretive and yet to be revealed. But one thing is for sure that it didn’t last long.

Sue Aikens, Children.

As mentioned above, Sue has two children from her second marriage. Both of them are in their thirties and married.

Sue Aikens’ son got married in 2016. Her children and grandchildren keep visiting her in a while. She also loves to exchange the rarest gifts, she finds in Alaska with her children. Her grandkids are very much dearest to her.

Image of Sue Aikens with her grandchildren
Sue Aikens with her grandchildren

Sue Aikens Lawsuit.

She had filed a complaint against her Producer for forcing her to perform such a stunt, which led to severe injury to her.

In the episode -The Crash, in its fifth season, one can see her getting hit through ice heave. Even after being injured, she made her performance best.

But for the entertainment and thrill purpose, the producer made the airplane land far from the runaway and her survival. He did not get her the immediate help; she needed at that time.

Sue Aikens Bear attack.

Sue lives in the deeper and remote place of Alaska, which means she is always surrounded by predators, foxes, bears, etc.

She always has to be alert to her basic surroundings. One such incident happened with her, where Sue Aikens was attacked by one of the grizzly bears. The bear was eight feet tall. But to her luck, she survived. She had her muscles totally torn and injured severely on the head.

She made herself drag to the tent, stitch her wounds, and lay there till the day someone found her and took her to the hospital.

Name Susan Ruth Aikens
Birth Date 1st July 1963
Spouse Currently Single (thrice married)
Children One Son, One Daughter
Profession Reality Tv Star, Hunter
Net Worth $500,000

Sue Aikens Wikipedia Biography.

Sue Aikens is one of the lead cast of the National Geographic Channel. She got her fame by appearing in the show, Life Below Zero. She is one of that strong woman who had played with guns and bullets in her childhood and lacked a father’s love.

Apart from her show’s earnings, she manages her income via running river camping in the harsh and wilder Alaska. She has survived deadly injuries twice.

Life Below Zero Sue Aikens is also a great stunt performing personality. Though she failed thrice in marriage, she proved herself to be a great mom as well as a loving grandmom. She is among those women who need no man to survive and depend on.

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