“Dakota boys” Fred Hurt Net Worth, Wife, Son, Wiki, Biography.

Hello! Folks, Today you will be known about a personality who is the head of the famous “Dakota Boys” group. Oh! Yeah, he is none other than the crew Dustin Hurt’s father himself, Fred Hurt.

What made him create the Dakota group? Is he also the part of the series -gold crush? Let us wait for no further and drive into his life doing. Read this to know Fred Hurt’s Net Worth and meet his wife in wiki type info.

Fred Hurt Wiki.

Fred Hurt was born on the 10th of July, 1945 in Minot, North Dakota. He created the group, “Dakota Boys” which is also known as Dakota Fred. And yeah! Hurt’s crew is very much different from the gold rush’s crew.

This is because Dakota Boys do not rely on machinery for gold-digging. Previously, he used to work as a commercial driver in Mexico’s Gulf. There he learned the method of underwater salvage conduction, demolition, and mining expeditions.

He worked for construction for almost 25years. And then he decided to go for mining. His hard work and determination for mining give us an idea of how much it is important for Fred Hurt. His passion for work shows us the actual method and potential needed for being the gold miner.

He is focused on these mining activities showcase how Dakota Fred’s life has been in wilder Alaska. Though his starting attempts were unsuccessful, slowly he made it big.

Dakota Boys Fred Hurt went for mining the frozen land of Arctic Circle at Little Squaw Lake in Alaska. And he was also successful in extracting more than 600 ounces of gold from those frozen ground with his team of 5 people.

Image of Fred Hurt from the TV reality show, Gold Rush
Fred Hurt from the TV reality show, Gold Rush

Fred admitted that there was a phase in his 60’s where he had a tough time with his work. Because of an increase in 10 pounds and being overweight, he could not tag along with the miners who were half on his age.

Fred Hurt’s weight was leading to serious problems for climbing the sheer cliffs. Although he didn’t feel tired still couldn’t match up with the youths. After this, he planned to reduce his weight and was unsuccessful in it. And then his stamina buffed up; he was quicker than the young ones now.

Fred Hurt Net Worth.

His source of income is from gold mining. His mining activities, along with the television series, has made him come a long way. Fred Hurt net worth is $6 million.

Image of TV Personality, Fred Hurt net worth is $6 million
TV Personality, Fred Hurt net worth is $6 million

Fred Hurt wife and married life.

Fred Hurt has married thrice in his 44years consecutively. Jennifer Sheets is his third wife with whom he tied the knot in 2018. Sheets completed her education in Paramedic from Los Medanos College in California. Also, her facebook page confirms that she used to work for the gold rush company as a camp cook.

Image of Fred Hurt with his wife Jennifer Sheets
Fred Hurt with his wife, Jennifer Sheets

Even for Fred Hurt’s current wife Jennifer Sheet, the wedding with Fred was the second marriage as her husband expired in 2014. Before this, Fred was married to wife Lorrayne Frances Leier, but she passed away in 2015.

Fred Hurt has 4 children, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Jennifer always supports and accompanies Fred and his son in their mining journey as an executive assistant of her husband.

Fred Hurt son Dustin Hurt Works with him.

Dustin Hurt is the son of Fred Hurt. He was into gold rush before joining his father with Dakota Boys. Currently, the father-son duo works in the series gold rush: white water.

In this spin-off of the gold rush, we will see Dustin and Fred Hurt working together in search of gold in the river bed. As per their belief, there is a fortune of gold in McKinley Creek’s raging water.

Image of Fred Hurt with his son Dustin Hurt
Fred Hurt with his son Dustin Hurt

Financial Situation Of Fred.

According to the sources, he is the purest person when the talk of hunting for the gold arise. Fred Hurt admits that he is not rich but is happy and content with his love for gold mining. He also stated that once they found $750,000 worth of gold in an area.

He also informed the overhead prospecting expenses of Alaska are high. But he and his son are satisfied because of sustainable survival; they achieve from their work. He also said, he was a dock builder before becoming a gold prospector although he is in his 70’s much and more fit than the younger ones of his son’s age.

Name Fred Hurt
Birth Date 10th of July 1945
Spouse Jennifer Sheets (m. 2018)
Children Four children, six grandchildren, five great-grandchildren
Profession Gold Miner

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