“Storage Wars” Justin Bryant Net Worth, Wife, Married, Wiki, Bio.

Justin Bryant is an old head standing on young shoulders. He is an American reality TV personality and storage unit buyer. His appearance on the A&E (TV Channel) show “Storage Wars” catapulted his name to fame. He is the youngest in the show after Emily Wears.

The TV personality is well known as “The Rookie” in the show. At only 22 years, Justin was able to get through with the producers of the show and get a spot as a professional buyer. Justin was mentored by the likes of Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, Ivy Calvin, Rene Nezhoda. Learn more about Justin Bryant’s net worth in the review below.

 Justin Bryant Wiki.

The reality star, Justin Bryant, is a professional buyer in Storage War. This is a show that brings together professional buyers of storage units in pursuit of storage lockers which have not been paid for rent.

The buyer visits the lockers where they make bids on the lockers. The highest bidder takes the unit. Justin purchases the units with the hope that the contents of the lockers will yield good profits. Like any other business, the profit is not assured because they never know the contents until they buy them.

After the content has been bought, he gets valuation experts who value the items ready for selling. Many of the buyers have shops where they take these items for selling.

Justin Bryant is a shrewd buyer who works to buy at the best price and resell at a better price to make a profit. His technique has made him somewhat popular on the show.

Justin Bryant Net Worth. Property. Income.

The reality star’s salary on the show is also not known. He must be raking in a good salary from the show just like other starring buyers. He has a unique strategy of buying the stores, and this has landed him good earnings after he sells them off.

Image of Storage Wars cast Justin Bryant net worth is currently not available
Storage Wars cast Justin Bryant net worth is currently not available

It is not well recorded how much Justin Bryant’s net worth is. Justin has made lucrative earnings from this business and managed to purchase an expensive home worth thousands of dollars.

This is not a mean feat for such a young person. He is quite determined to make strides in his career and life. Justin Bryant is destined to make a lot more money if he keeps that pace. He is still young and energetic.

Career Info.

Justin Bryant began his promising career in storage unit buying when he made an appearance in Storage Wars. At his young age, Justin got into the show with slightly a low aptitude in the business of storage locker buying and re-selling. He quickly picked up the learning challenge, and he is now a pro as the youngest buyer in Storage Wars.

Image of Justin Bryant from Storage Wars show
Justin Bryant from Storage Wars show

“The Rookie” has appeared on the show since the 11th season.

Justin Bryant developed a fascination with the show and created a deep interest in the business of trading storage units. He focused on learning the trade and making a tidy earning from it.

The star is such a focused young man with a goal of getting as many of these storage lockers and selling their contents as quickly as possible.

Justin started appearing on the show at only 22 years of age. He has worked tirelessly to make the best out of the show, and learn from his colleagues. The treasure hunter has managed to do business and accumulate a good amount to buy his mother a luxurious house and employ his younger brother — what a feat.

Justin Bryant Wife, Married Life, and Kids.

Justin Bryant is quite a private young man. Is he married? Justin is not married as no information is available about any marriage or wife. Is he dating? There is still no information about Justin’s dating life with anyone. He doesn’t speak about his personal life on the show or social media.

At his age, Justin Bryant has decided to take care of his mother and younger brother. He has responsibly managed his income to employ his younger sibling, and buy his mother a home. Justin prides in ensuring his nuclear family is settled before he gets into any serious relationship. Isn’t that someone who has a bright family future?

His love for his family portrays a caring, and loving man who may end up nurturing his own beautiful family.

Family, Age, Wiki info.

How old is Justin Bryant? When was he born? There are no details when the young professional buyer was born and where he was born. There is no information on his parenting, name of siblings and schooling.

His complexion is dark. He has a line strap beard on his chins. Justin Bryant has a slim looking body. He dresses casually, even when on the show.

Full name Justin Bryant
Acting name The Rookie
Date of birth  Not known
Net worth Not known
Career Storage unit buyer  and Reality TV show personality
Nationality American
TV Show Storage Wars
Marital status No
Wife None
Children Not known
Height Not known

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