Michael Pyle from “Gotham Garage” Net Worth, Wiki biography.

Michael Pyle is a car enthusiast and restoration consultant who works for Gotham Garage. This is an establishment that was set up by an expert mechanic, Mark Towle.

Pyle frequently works alongside other talented mechanics such as Constance Nunes and Shawn Pilot. Together, Michael and the rest of the crew track down vintage cars with the potential to be something better. In one such instance, the crew worked on a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, putting it through their world-renowned Monster treatment. We will cover everything there is to learn about Michael Pyle’s net worth and bio.

Who is Michael Pyle from Gotham Garage?

Michael Pyle, better known as Caveman, is a mechanic and television personality. He currently plies his trade on Netflix’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

The show was originally released on the 14th of September 2018. As we speak, the series has 24 episodes and three seasons. Pyle can be found in a number of entertaining episodes, ranging from titles like LifeSize, Two for the Money, and Electric Drag.

Michael derives his nickname from his caveman-like appearance. For one, he has matted wiry shoulder-length hair and a beard that stretches down to his chest. It is not how you expect your typical mechanic to look, but his appearance shouldn’t fool you. Michael is as talented as they come, and his physical attributes only help him stand out on screen.

Age and D.O.B

Michael Pyle has virtually no social media presence whatsoever. Because of this, it is virtually impossible to keep track of his personal life. Though we may not exactly know when he was born, a look at his pictures suggests that Pyle is currently in his mid to late 60s. This means that he was born sometime in the 1950s. What thing we can be certain about is that she is an American Citizen.

Is Michael Pyle from Gotham Garage married to his Wife?

In the series, Michael often talks about his family. He does in fact have a wife and kids, who, he tries to keep away from the spotlight as often as he can. As such, he’s not particularly forthcoming when it comes to revealing any personal details about his family.

Michael Pyle from Gotham Garage
Michael Pyle with his crew member of Gotham Garage

Michael Pyle Net worth.

He currently plies his trade at the highly profitable Gotham Garage. They take junkyard vehicles valued at $500 and renovate them into vehicles worth thousands of dollars. At one point, they even built a working custom batmobile replica from the comics.

It was valued at a reported $100,000 before Michael Pyle from Gotham Garage and the rest of the team received a cease letter from DC Comics. This was because the work was considered copyright infringement. Other than that, Michael can also rely on his work on Netflix as an additional source of income.

Sources say that television personalities on the platform can make around $10,000 to $15,000 per episode. This puts Michael Pyle’s net worth at approximately $250,000 as of 2021.

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