Meet Rhonda Burchmore husband Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic and daughter Lexie Jeuniewic

Are you a fan of old jazz music? Meet the former sophisticated jazz musician, Rhonda Burchmore. She is quite an interesting character, even in her old age. Taking a look at her posts, you can barely tell that the Australian entertainer is going to turn 60 years next month in May. Rhonda is also known for her music; Let there be love and cry me a river.

In this article, we are going to learn more about the life of Rhonda Burchmore and her husband. Who is Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic? Who is Lexie Jeuniewic? To find out more about Burchmore, read along.

Who is Rhonda Burchmore?

Rhonda Suzanne Burchmore is an Australian actress/ entertainer/singer.  Back in her singing days, she won Female Vocal Performer of the year. Rhonda was born in May 15th, 1960, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She went to Beverly Hills Girls High School.

Later on, Burchmore was given a scholarship to the University of England, where she graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. In 1988, she did her first ever performance, Sugar Babies. Rhonda worked alongside Eddie Bracken and Garry McDonald.

Rhonda Burchmore released her first album in 1998 called ‘Rhonda Burchmore.’ Back in the days, she was referred to as a ‘Sophisticated Jazz Musician’ Rhonda still looks as sophisticated as ever.

Image of Australian actress, Rhonda Burchmore
Caption: Australian actress, Rhonda Burchmore

The Australian entertainer also made her appearance in various movies like; the pirate movie (1982), the wedding party (2010), and Fam time (2020), which recently aired.

She is married to Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic.

The lovely Rhonda Burchmore has been married to her husband, Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic, for over thirty-five years. Last year, she posted a picture together with her husband celebrating their 35th anniversary. The couple tied the knot back in 1984. The couple’s marriage still stands strong as there have never been any scandals in their relationship.

Image of Rhonda Burchmore with her husband Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic
Caption: Rhonda Burchmore with her husband, Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic

Dr. Jeuniewic’s biography and facts.

There is not much information about Nikolai Jeuniewic, but we do know that he is a Psychiatrist in South Yarra. His job involves the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of known mental disorders. He mainly handles changes related to behavior, perception, and cognition. Depending on his diagnosis, he either recommends inpatient or outpatient.

Image of Psychiatris, Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic
Caption: Psychiatris, Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic

The doctor is also married to Rhonda Burchmore. Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic and his family emigrated from Belarus after his parents were forced into slavery in a German camp during World War II. According to the Australian pay scale, psychiatrists earn about AU $119,904. The actual figures of Dr. Jeuniewic’s net worth presently remain under review.

Lexie Jeuniewic age, biography.

Lexie Jeuniewic is the daughter of Rhonda Burchmore and Nikolai Jeuniewic.  She is an Australian Journalist who graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne with a degree in Bachelor of Communication (2016).

Lexie Jeuniewic currently works for as an Associate Producer. Apart from that, Lexie also works as a weather producer. In Australia, journalists tend to make around $72,830 annually.

Image of Rhonda Burchmore with her daughter Lexie Jeuniewic
Caption: Rhonda Burchmore with her daughter Lexie Jeuniewic

Lexie’s details have, unfortunately, not been disclosed to the media. We assume that she likes her life as private as possible. We only know that in one of Rhonda’s interview, she mentioned her birth year being in 1995. So the beautiful Journalist is about 25 years old.

Rhonda Burchmore net worth.

Rhonda Burchmore’s net worth is $1 million. Rhonda’s primary source of income is her acting and music career. Throughout the years, the talented actress has featured on several projects.

Rhonda Burchmore Wiki-bio.

Full name Rhonda Suzanne Burchmore
Age 59 years old
Date of Birth 15th May 1960
Place of Birth Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Profession TV entertainer/actress/former musician
Net worth $1.5million
Husband Nikolai Jeuniewic
Children 1 Lexie Jeuniewic
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents John Burchmore, Yvonne Burchmore

 Rhonda Suzanne Burchmore is an Australian entertainer. The remarkable woman was born in May 15th, 1960, in Sydney, Australia.  Though the woman is almost in her 60’s, she still looks fit and healthy enough to model. In her social media, you will find various posts of hers. Instagram; @rhondaburchmore, and twitter @rhondaburchmore.

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