P Allen Smith Gay, Married, Wife/partner, Net Worth.

Paul Allen Smith is an award-winning designer, television host, and gardening and lifestyle expert. He is also a conservationist with a soft spot for all things green. As a result, many people have often praised his gardening skills, while others have branded him gay. To dispense all rumors, here’s the truth on P Allen’s relationship status on whether he is married to a wife or has a life partner. Also, stick around to the end for more P Allen Smith net worth and wiki-bio.

Is P Allen Smith Gay?

P Allen’s questionable sexuality has often landed him on headlines of many published works. The gardener took the world by storm when he introduced a similarly middle-aged man on one of his shows as his’ life partner.’ Similarly, his website accounts for his life partner, and two Scottish Terriers permanent members of his household.

Nonetheless, since the term was open to a lot of speculation and interpretation, the world turned to him for clarification. However, he distanced himself from the whole situation, which only fueled the rumors. As far as we’re concerned, the evidence stacked up against him pin P Allen Smith as gay. Nonetheless, we do know for a fact that he has never come out of the closet.

Is P Allen Smith is married to Debbie Smith?

The other reason why most people write off the idea of P Allen as gay is his alleged married to a woman named Debbie Smith. Back in 2010, the New York Times made a publication that became the origin story of Debbie Smith as P Allen’s wife.

‘Allen comes across as someone we could relate to,” said Yingling Dewitt, who, along with his wife, Debbie, watches Mr. Smith’s national public television series…’

Most news outlets quickly ran with the story and married Debbie as P Allen Smith’s wife. Now, we are no linguists, but from that statement, the chances are that the aforementioned Debbie is, in fact, the wife to Mr. Yingling Dewitt. However, since the garden expert is very private regarding his personal life, we will never know black from white.

P Allen Smith Net Worth.

Over the years, Allen has proven himself a visionary as well as a man of many talents. He first capitalized on his family’s garden design and nursery business back in Little Rock. Later on, he founded a production company, Hortus Ltd, that served local news affiliates. This became the focal point for a half an hour show called Garden Style on The Television Syndication Company.

Image of TV host, P Allen net worth
Caption: TV host, P Allen net worth

Later on, he founded Heritage Poultry Conservancy and progressed onto two more shows, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table both on American Public Television. As Paul’s popularity grew, so did his fan base.

Image of P Allen from the TV show, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home
Caption: P Allen from the TV show, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

Again, he capitalized on that publishing books and recipes found here. He also sells plants from his gardens that you can buy here, as well as other merchandise from his online shop located here. In the end, P Allen Smith’s net worth amounts up to $5 million from all these different sources.

P Allen Smith Family.

As the firstborn of four children, P Allen Smith was automatically tasked to preserve the family’s heritage as horticulturists. One of his siblings is named Christopher, who serves as the Farm Manager while the other two lead private lives.

Farming in the Smith household started with his great-great-grandmother Foster from Lonoke County. Later on, the garden and lifestyle expert’s parents would meet in Little Rock while his father was assigned to the U.S Air Force.  They would then move to McMinnville, Tennessee, but upon his father’s death, the family moved back to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Wiki, Bio, and facts.

Name P Allen Smith
Profession TV host, Garden designer, conservationist and lifestyle expert
Wife Unmarried
Age 60
Birthdate March 12th, 1960

Paul Allen Smith recently celebrated his 60th birthday on March 12th, following his birth in Little Rock back in 1960. However, he was also partly raised in McMinnville, Tennessee. The gardening expert would later graduate from Little Rock’s McClellan High School in 1979 and then at the Hendrix College.


Hereon, he received an International Rotary scholarship to proceed to the University of Manchester in England, where he majored in Garden History and Design. Moreover, his second major would also be English Gardens, whose knowledge he carried home to work on his family’s nursery business.

Allen now lives in the Moss Mountain Farm, which covers about 500 acres of land. The cottage has an art studio, a croquet lawn, a fountain at the front, and lots of garden rooms with different plant species. You could say his family’s legacy in horticulture is upheld. However, whether he will pass down the tradition to his offspring is unknown.

Image of P Allen Moss Mountain Farm
Caption: P Allen Moss Mountain Farm

Social media Activities.

P Allen Smith is a social media guru with 74.5K followers on Instagram and 17.3K followers on Twitter. He always uploads pictures of different plant species, flowers, and nature’s most beautiful. If you’re looking for ideas on how to spruce up your garden, you can also find inspiration from his gardening tips and garden tours. Probably not your average 60-year-old, but Allen also has a knack for Twitter where he occasionally responds to fan’s questions.


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