Nick McGlashan from “Deadliest Catch” illness, Net Worth, Wiki bio.

Nick McGlashan is an American television personality and commercial fisherman. It is a skill he picked up from his dad, who was a boat captain back in his hay day. He comes from a long line of fishermen, so his skill in itself is not surprising. Nick regularly rubs shoulders with other fishermen like Sig Hansen, Keith Colburn, and Mike Rowe. Alongside the trio and other characters, they cast on the Discovery Channel. Most recently, the reality star reportedly fell ill. So what did happen? Explore the details right here.

Who is Nick McGlashan?

Nick McGlashan is a well-known deckhand and reality star who is based in Alaska. Over the years, he has become famous for his appearances on the show Deadliest Catch. The show enables us to live vicariously through Nick and other fishers as they set out to undertake perhaps the most dangerous job known to man. Sailing and fishing across the Alaskan waters is not an occupation one should take on lightly.

The commercial fisherman also starred on the spinoff show, Deeper Dives. It saw his popularity sore considerably over the years that followed. Fishing is something Nick has been doing for years now. At just the age of thirteen, he was already being brought aboard crab boats to learn the family business. His father let him tag along on the trips to the Dutch Harbor. The pair even traversed the waters along Akutan on some occasions. He learned everything about the business from his old man.

Nick McGlashan’s Age, Parents.

Nick McGlashan was born on August 1st, 1988, in Akutan, Alaska. He is set to turn 32 in just a few months. The reality star is the son of a legendary Alaskan fisherman, Bruce Lanford. There is, however, no information regarding the identity of his mother.

Nick McGlashan’s Net Worth.

If sources are to be believed, the cast of the Deadliest Catch brings home about $ 4500 per month. Nick was paid just as much during his time on the Discovery Channel show. At the moment, we are still calculating the exact figure of Nick McGlashan’s net worth. So, for now, it remains under review.

Nick McGlashan’s illness. What happened to him?

A few years ago, the fisherman suffered the worst possible health scare anyone could suffer. After a trip to the doctor, he learned that he had a significantly higher white blood cell than normal. Doctors were concerned because this was usually the prelude to cancer. Fortunately for Nick McGlashan, he did not get cancer. His health complications stretch all the way back to his teenage years.

He has spent as much as $10,000 to sate a heroin addiction. Over the years, he also developed an alcohol addiction. The former eventually resulted in his termination from the boat he worked on. His captain, Wild Bill, found heroin amongst Nick’s property. To his credit, the 31-year-old fisherman checked himself into rehab in Washington to fight his addiction. Once he got clean, he thanked his fans for all of their support during this difficult time. Interestingly enough, his former deckhand, Elliot Neese, claimed he was lying at the time. He told people not to believe anything he said.

Nick McGlashan’s Married life and Kids.

While the 32-year-old commercial fisherman is not married, we confirmed that he is involved in a serious relationship. Nick is dating a woman named Claire Hammond. The two have been together for several years now. They have two children together. One is a daughter named Lennyn McGlashan.

A look at Nick’s Social Media.

Nick McGlashan is fairly active on Instagram. As we write, he has over 5,600 followers on his account. His page is a testament to his love for not only the ocean but photography as well. Several of his posts are centered on his work as a commercial fisherman.

Nick McGlashan Wiki-bio.

Full name Nick McGlashan
Age 32 years old.
Date of Birth 1st of August 1988
Place of Birth Akutan, USA
Profession Commercial Fisherman, Deckhand, Reality Star
Net worth Under review
Partner Claire Hammond
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Bruce Lanford (father)

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