Daddy Dave (David Comstock) Net Worth, Cars. Meet His Wife Cassi Comstock.

Daddy Dave (Real Name: David Comstock) is one of the most popular adventurers in America. Dave acquired fame and popularity all over the country because of a TV show called the Street Outlaws. Daddy Dave got his big break with his debut in the American television show “Pinks.”

The show was based on the theme of drag racing. If a person lost a race while featuring in Pinks’ drag races, then he will lose his vehicle. Daddy Dave came into prominence with his role in Discovery’s Street Outlaws, which is still an ongoing show on Discovery Channel.

During his career as an adventurer, Daddy Dave has made a lot of fortune and has stacked an enormous amount of Net Worth with his street drag racing career. Daddy Dave was born as David Comstock on 4th of April 1993.


Daddy Dave Net Worth: $1.5 Million.

He features as one of the significant characters in the Street Outlaws. The show is only about who reaches the finish line fast. The characters in Street Outlaws have to face a near-death experience every time they get themselves behind the wheels of their beloved cars.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave net worth is $1.5 million
Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave net worth is $1.5 million

By the looks of it, Daddy Dave has made a fortune by collaborating with Discovery Channel. As per a source, the net worth of Daddy Dave is around $1.5 million.

The production of the show hands Daddy Dave with $20,000 as salary with the conclusion of every single episode. Daddy Dave’s extensive career as a racer and his experiences with cars, engines, horsepower, and torque turned him into a famous street drag racer. Daddy Dave achieved everything that he has now with his sheer dedication towards street racing.

Street Outlaws Cast Daddy Dave Is Married to Wife Cassi Comstock.

Nobody in the country had even the faintest idea about Daddy Dave’s love life. But later it was revealed that Daddy Dave is a married man. He tied the nuptial knot with Cassi Comstock, and the couple walked down the aisle together in the year 2013. Ever since that time, the couple shared a peaceful relationship with themselves.

Image of Daddy Dave with his wife Cassi Comstock
Daddy Dave with his wife Cassi Comstock

According to the source, in the five-six years of marriage, none of the media sources ever reported that the couple had a difference or that they are falling apart.

Image of Daddy Dave daughter
Daddy Dave daughter

In due course of time, Dave and Cassi welcomed two beautiful daughters to their lives. Nevertheless, the identity of their children has never been disclosed in public to date. Dave and his wife Cassi share one of the rarest bondings where Cassi completely supports Dave’s career as a street-legal racer.

Daddy Dave Accident.

In the year 2015, Dave Daddy met with a fatal accident that almost took his life. It was a close call for Daddy Dave. The street racer lost a very precious thing to him in the crash, and that was his favorite racing car. No other details related to the accident have ever been circulated by the media outlets or on the internet.

Image of Daddy Dave had an fatal accident
Daddy Dave had a fatal accident

Dave moved on from the accident, and he decided a build a better car than the previous one and hence, the famous vehicle from Street Outlaws the “Goliath 2.0” came into being.

Dave Daddy Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

Street Outlaws racer Dave Daddy is a native of Shawnee which makes him a native of Oklahoma. He was born to Marge Comstock and Peter Comstock. David Comstock is the birth name of Dave Daddy.

Nevertheless, in his entire career, Dave never reveals anything about his parents and his siblings to the world. His passion for driving cars came to fruition at an early age. Dave got hold of a driver’s license when he was 16 years old. He started as a driver with a Chevrolet Impala when he was young.

Age 25 (April 4, 1993)
Net worth $1.5 Million
Spouse Cassi Comstock
Kids 2
Occupation Street Car Racer, Television Personality
Parents Peter Comstock (Father)

Marge Comstock (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White

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