Jared Zimmerman from “Car Fix” Net Worth, Age, Wife, and Wiki-bio

Velocity TV’s Car Fix is currently the only place that showcases Jared Zimmerman’s talents in fixing and building automobiles. Together with his co-host Lou Santiago, they embark on different car restoration projects ranging from classic muscle cars to modern-day automobiles. What sets apart Car Fix from the plethora of other car-related reality shows is the co-hosts great chemistry. Zimmerman is funny and witty, while Lou Santiago does his best to tolerate him. For more on Jared Zimmerman’s net worth, and personal life, including his age, wife, and wiki-bio, be sure to stick around till the end.

Who is Jared Zimmerman?

On paper, Jared Zimmerman is an automobile restoration specialist who also happens to appear on television. With over a decade’s worth of experience in fabrication and car restorations, he was bound to appear on television eventually. The car specialist got his big break when he landed a role on TLC’s Rides alongside Jason Priestly. Since then, it’s been smooth sailing for Jared’s career.

Jared Zimmerman’s net worth.

Jared Zimmerman’s net worth isn’t just tied to his career as a TV star. Before his career in television, the car enthusiast was cooped up repairing and building vehicles for Salt Flats Racing. One of his greatest accomplishments to date was aiding a campaign that saw him make a salts flats racing car with groundbreaking speeds of over 315 mph.

Image of TV Personality, Jared Zimmerman net worth
Caption: TV Personality, Jared Zimmerman net worth

After working for the company for four years since 2006, Zimmerman found his calling while working with Ray Rides by Troy. It’s here that he made his television debut in the show Rides and would later appear in Muscle Cars, where he first met Lou Santiago. However, due to disagreements with the show’s executives, Zimmerman called it quits in the middle of the season.

Fast forward to 2012; he upped his net worth by appearing on Scartape, a parody of “Scarface” and Superhuman, which got axed after only eight episodes. Finally, he landed a role on Velocity TV’s Car Fix and reunited with his former buddy, Lou Santiago. From all this, Jared Zimmerman’s net worth is still under review. However, he earns an annual salary of $56K according to local sources.

Image of Jared Zimmerman with Lou Santiago from TV show, Car Fix
Caption: Jared Zimmerman with Lou Santiago from a TV show, Car Fix

Is Jared Zimmerman married to a wife or dating a girlfriend?

The answer to this question is both. Let us explain; Jared Zimmerman has never been upfront about his personal life. He loves playing mind games and shrouds his significant other in mystery.

Jared once tweeted about his wife’s father being a pig farmer who had most people wondering who his wife was. Later on, in 2017, he made another tweet about being about going out on a date with a mysterious girl.

One curious fan asked him whether he was indeed married to which he replied, “LOL well, after eight years we pretty much are. Just in no rush.” This goes to show that while he is in a long term relationship with the mysterious woman, the couple has never made it in reciting their wedding vows. Moreover, they don’t have any children together.

Jared Zimmerman’s age, early life, family and wiki-bio

Name Jared Zimmerman
Profession Car restoration specialist, Tv personality
Relationship status Dating for over ten years
Age Unknown
Birthdate January 25th

 Jared Zimmerman’s wiki-bio is devoid of information. He was born on January 25th but hides the year of birth. This makes it impossible to tell his age. Similarly, he was born in America but hides his place of birth. However, you can always find him at Brenton Studios located 20 minutes from the Tampa International Airport, where Car Fix garage is filmed.

The automotive builder got his knack for restoration through his father. Together they would embark on projects that would involve fixing old aircraft as well as old cars. Soon after, he sharpened his skills and specialized in bodywork, fabrication, electrical, tuning, and welding. However, he also hides the learning institutions he trained from.

Social Media Activities.

Jared Zimmerman may be crazy about cars but struggles when it comes to social media. His Instagram is not as curated since you’ll find all sorts of random posts, including dogs, ducks, memes, and lots of cars. Over on Twitter, he only has 1192 followers and posts random facts about car-related issues. Occasionally, you’ll find a few mentions of his supposed wife.


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